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Since Cape Town is one of the most unique and diverse cities in the world, here is how you can explore the city from the penguin colonies and local stories to secret underground places and great street art.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City


Local Knowledge is not just a tour guiding company, but rather their goal is to show their guests a local’s perspective of what Cape Town has to offer. They aim to create an atmosphere that feels more like a road trip with new friends, rather than a conventional tour. 

They offer various half and full-day experiences as well as custom tours, perfect for summer celebrations with friends and families. Their unique version of a Peninsular Experience includes swimming with the penguins at Boulders Beach, coffee tasting at Cape Town, a craft beer tasting at Chapman’s Peak and a local G&T tasting for sundowners at the Bakoven Rock.

Their Craft experience includes market-hopping, a barista course, craft beer tasting, and brewery tour as well as local gin tastings. Local Knowledge also offers a Wine and Braai Experience and a Nightlife Experience, showcasing the best local spots. 

A plane ticket is not a prerequisite for exploration. Visit the Local Knowledge website for more information or how Cape Town offers us various opportunities for local adventures. 

Where: 1 Braemar Road, Green Point, Cape Town

Contact: info@localknowledgetours.com | nick@localknowledgetours.com |  076 680 2602
Website: localknowledgetours.com
Facebook: localknowledgect
Instagram: localknowledgetours

Be a Tourist in Your Own City This Summer


Anima Tours believes that curiosity is a fundamental tool for acceptance and understanding amongst people. They use tourism and events to connect people from different backgrounds and paths. 

If you are curious to explore the culture of your neighbours, why not take part in Anima Tours’ Street Art and Graffiti Tour. Through street art, the internal worlds of locals become a part of our external world and we get a glimpse of their perspectives. Anima Tours also offers a Woodstock Experience – an experience of full immersion, including the working studios, the coffee culture, the craft breweries, the creative minds and the local community. 

Anima Tours also offers an Art and Design Tour, giving you the opportunity to connect with local artists in their studios and to hear the stories behind their artworks. This tour includes bronze sculptures, perfume making and ceramics, amongst others.

Anima Tours also offers a Khayelitsha Rising Tour and a tour centered around Township Life. As a fertile ground for a new creative generation of entrepreneurs, Khayelitsha is quick to surprise visitors with a range of trendy clubs, delicious restaurants, coffee bars and a variety of uplifting projects.

Where: 11 Kloof Nek Road, Gardens

Contact: info@animatours.co.za | 081 270 1221
Website: animatours.co.za
Facebook: animatours
Instagram: anima_tours_sa

Be a Tourist in Your Own City This Summer


Opening its doors in early 2017, Kiff Kombi Tours’ aim was to create an alternative Cape Town tour for travellers who wanted something bona fide. It has hit the ground running by already being named in the Top 10 Tours in Cape Town.

Kiff Kombi started with an old school VW Kombi named Veronica, however, due to her ripe old age, she has had to retire. Two Toyota vans have taken over and are decked out in the latest streetwear, making them the most fashionable and hip vans running on the streets of Cape Town.

Kiff Kombi offers a variety of cultural, food and drink as well as nature day trips. If you’re looking to celebrate summer with friends and family, Kiff Kombi’s Wine, Beer and Biltong safari is a hassle-free way to explore some luxurious South African culture together. Or if you’d like to spend the summer with a G&T in hand, Kiff Kombi is well-known for their Cape Town Gin Jol. 

Kiff Kombi also offers all tours as options for corporate team-builds or larger functions. They are also able to customise any tours to suit your preferences – kiff! Visit their website for more information. 

Where: 7th Floor, Buitenkloof Studios, 8 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Contact: bookings@kiffkombitours.co.za | 072 213 3888
Website: kiffkombitours.co.za
Facebook: kiffkombitours
Instagram: kiffkombitours

Be a Tourist in Your Own City This Summer


While many of us have explored the city, not many of us have explored what is beneath its surroundings. Good Hope Adventure gives you the opportunity to do this through their new experience – their Top Secret Underground Tour.

The tour opens on Saturday, 28 December 2019 at 10.30am to 12pm at Fort Wynyard, Granger Bay. It is a chance to discover an underground world of bygone treasure and to hear the stories behind it. Explorers can explore part of the abandoned underground network, interrogation chamber, bunkers, gun park and escape passages. The tour can be done in any weather conditions. Refreshments are available on site.

Good Hope Adventures offer various other tours, including a Secrets of Cape Town Tour, The Gentleman’s Walk, The Washerwoman Trail and a Ghost Tour. They also run private and special event Underground Tours. A private tour can be booked for any date and time, depending on availability. They offer discounted rates to larger group bookings. For more information, visit their website or email Matt.

If you would like to be a part of the scheduled tour on 28 December 2019 at 10.30am, the ticket price for adults is R395.00 and for children U16, R195.00. Please ensure that you book via email, since you will not be able to pay at the door and space is limited.

Where: Fort Wynyard, Cape Town

Contact: mattweisse@mweb.co.za | 082 482 4006
Website: goodhopeadventures.com
Facebook: tunneltourz
Instagram: tunneltours

How to Be a Tourist in Your Own City


Kayak Cape Town gives you the opportunity to see Cape Town from a different perspective – from the waters of False Bay. From stable double kayaks, they will show you the Boulder’s Beach penguin colony, one of the most unique places in the world. On the tour, you will paddle past the Civilian and Naval Harbours and most likely a number of Cape Fur Seals. The tides will decide whether you will take a break on the beach or swim from the kayaks. 

During summer, daily scheduled trip leaves at 8.30am, when it is usually less windy. In the peak summer season they also have an 11am trip, and sometimes an afternoon trip.

Between the months of April and October, Kayak Cape Town offers you the chance to watch the full moon rising over the bay from behind the Hottentot Holland mountains. This truly unique experience is weather permitting and it is advised that you book well in advance. 

Their double kayaks are very stable and perfect for those with no paddling experience. No children under 10 years old. 

Where: Wharf Street, Simons Town

Contact: tours@kayakcapetown.co.za  | 065 707 4444
Website: kayakcapetown.co.za
Facebook: KayakCapeTown

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