HERBI VŌHR Plant-based Meats


HERBI VŌHR is a Johannesburg based small business producing popular plant-based ‘meats’. The team believes that veganism or a plant-based lifestyle is the only one that makes sense – for our own health, for the environment, and for our fellow earthlings.

The offering includes a varied list of vegan alternatives to ‘bacon’, ‘biltong’ for that perfect sourdough sarmie or just a snack, ‘steak’ (barbecue, prego and braai), ‘spare ribs’, ‘boerewors’, ‘patties’ (boerewors and chilli flavour). No need to pass on pizza or pasta night, as the range also offers cruelty-free pulled ‘chicken’ and ‘pork’, as well as ‘chorizo’, ‘pastrami’, and ‘pepperoni’ for great toppings.

HERBI VŌHRians Daniel and Anneke Malan realise that transitioning to this kinder, healthier but perhaps unfamiliar lifestyle can be challenging, so they’ve created delicious replacement products to smooth the way. These products are also especially for those who have been plant-based or vegan for a while, but still miss some of the remembered tastes they grew up with.

To shop HERBI VŌHR’s meat replacement products in Cape Town, check out your local Dis-Chem branch or get in touch with Robbie Robertson via email or telephone on 082 338 3416. if you’re elsewhere in the Western Cape, contact HERBI VŌHR directly for deliveries to your door.

Website: www.herbivohr.wixsite.com/herbivohr
Email: hello@herbi-vohr.co.za
Contact: 010 824 7959
Facebook: @herbivohr
Instagram: @herbivohr


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