HoodLinkd: Hidden Gems in Cape Town’s CBD


Have you ever heard of the so-called cottage industry? And no, we are not talking about those picturesque-like houses à la Tulbagh or McGregor.

The cottage industry is an umbrella term for small-scale businesses, often operating from their own homes without a shop front or an office address. They are probably the hidden gems of the hidden gems. HoodLinkd was designed as a platform for these small entities to provide accessible, convenient, and affordable marketing opportunities and to showcase their products and services.

The team at HoodLinkd has selected eight businesses (and their passionate owners!) to be featured this month but check out www.hoodlinkd.com to explore more businesses situated right on your doorstep!



Therapy helps to heal or alleviate symptoms of whatever life throws at one. However, speaking about and addressing challenges together with a therapist is not an easy task. Music therapy might exactly be the solution instead.

Caley Garden is a trained music therapist, situated in Gardens (This must be a sign that she is a perfect match!). This type of therapy uses music within a therapeutic relationship to address the emotional, cognitive, social, and physical needs of individuals.

Musical experiences, combined with clinical intentions, are used for emotional expression and the strengthening of abilities to be transferred to other areas of one’s life. This unique form of therapy also provides avenues for communication that can be helpful for those who find it difficult to express themselves in words.

Offering online and in-person music therapy sessions for both children and adults, Caley aims to holistically address her clients’ needs and interests. And the best news is (drum roll) … No musical experience is required!

Where: Gardens, Cape Town | Email: caleygarden@gmail.com | Tel: 082 638 0907



In a world as crazy and fast-paced as ours, self-care matters. Cloud 9 Mindfulness is a female-owned business in Cape Town started with the aim of teaching children how to use mindfulness as a coping mechanism for dealing with big emotions, becoming more self-aware, and increasing their focus.

Jemma from Cloud 9 Mindfulness offers a variety of classes for children and teens to ‘get zen’. Ranging from yoga, breathwork, meditation, and art, to games and affirmation, her class schedule is diverse and comprehensive. In addition to classes offered at The Yoga Room in Vredehoek, Jemma also hosts mindfulness classes at schools as an extracurricular activity, as well as workshops for educators.

Mindfulness is about observing life as it is happening and accepting situations without any judgment, basically a true (yet somehow still overlooked) superpower. It is a powerful tool that can cultivate a culture of empathy, patience, inclusivity, compassion, and acceptance – all of which are needed more in today’s world.

Where: City Bowl, Cape Town | Email: jemma@cloud9mindfulness.co.zaTel: 074 193 9542



Zebra-striped macarons? Flamingo sugar cookies? Winnie the Pooh cake? Yes, yes, yes! Crust Baking and Patisserie by Jamie Tucker takes you to a whole new level of deliciousness and joy. Who would have thought that animal print macarons make life better? Well trust us (@teamhoodlinkd), they do! And fellow Capetonians seem to agree, describing Jamie’s work as ‘So friggen delicious’, ‘So cayute!, and ‘It looks stunning’.

Jamie started her little home bakery in Gqeberha and recently relocated and established her business in Cape Town. Offering a whole range of baked goodies (tartlets, cakes, muffins, you name it), low-carb versions, as well as customised decoration, she set out to turn mouth-watering treats into small pieces of art. Almost too pretty to eat but SO good!

Where: City Bowl, Cape Town | Email: crust.jamietucker@gmail.comTel: 072 352 4612


Thinking about sending a birthday or Christmas gift to your loved ones in Australia? Well, you might want to start filling out all the paperwork now, it’s a tedious task. Or you could ask Lou Krog from Fast Service Freight for assistance and not only save time, money, and quite frankly some of your precious nerves, but also support a small business in your hood.

Fast Service Freight was established to make international couriering easier and more accessible for us laypeople. Every country has its own import and export rules which are important to adhere to when sending cherished items. However, South Africa has agreements with many countries where little or no duties may apply, and Fast Service Freight knows exactly what special requirements your package must meet to arrive safely and intact.

What sets them apart from other service providers? First of all, they are situated locally right on your doorstep in town. In addition, their prices are affordable and unbeatable, plus ongoing communication keeps you in the loop at all stages of the shipping process. They are also known as the ‘go-to’ for all general courier and airfreight needs of all businesses. How lucky are we to have access to such a dedicated service provider willing to take care of all the administration?

Where: City Bowl, Cape Town | Email: lou@fastservice.co.zaTel: 073 921 1443



Get fit. Get healthy. Go and contact Lesley! Offering training sessions at home, outside parks, beachfront promenades, or in a boutique gym, Lesley Ebel makes sure to cater to your needs and to make your fitness journey as pleasant and efficient as possible.

As a qualified and certified personal trainer with additional qualifications and a wealth of expertise on pre-and post-natal training, Lesley describes herself as a partner in her client’s healthy lifestyle, planning the journey together and working towards a more happy and balanced life.

By cooperating with dieticians, physiotherapists, biokineticists, chiropractors, baby clinics, and gynecologists, Lesley comprehensively addresses the health of her clients. Training pregnant women require special expertise, and Lesley aims to holistically educate and guide soon-to-be-mommies on the bodily changes during pregnancy, what to expect, and how to exercise safely. With more than a decade of experience, clients are certainly in good hands with Lesley.

Where: City Bowl, Cape Town | Email: lesley@ebelmail.co.zaTel: 074 112 0150


Feeling stressed? Do yoga. Feeling that lower back? Do yoga. Feeling burned out? Do yoga. Yoga really seems to be the answer to a range of today’s problems experienced by so many of us and the benefits are truly impressive (and backed by science!).

Now imagine adding fresh air, a cool morning breeze, maybe one or two furry friends, and the delicious aroma of coffee or tea to your morning yoga routine. Sounds too good to be true? Well, luckily you live in the beautiful Mother City, and Carey from Namaste Yoga is offering just that. Morning outdoor yoga sessions at De Waal Park where doggies are welcome and warm beverages are provided.

Yoga classes run on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 7.45am to 8.45am (so you can be sitting in your office chair by 9am), and welcome students of all levels of yoga experience. The practice is finished with delicious coffee and tea, expertly made by Fluffi and Friends baristas (R125 all-inclusive). What a special treat and an amazing initiative to support!

Where: City Bowl, Cape Town | Email: carey@yoganamaste.co.zaTel: 082 404 0990



The Gymnasium offers simple, effective, and honest training.  Drawing inspiration from the training halls of the early 1900s, this boutique gym in Cape Town is a quality, no-frills training venue inspired by what seems impossible. For some of us, it might be our very first push-up whilst others aim to lift heavier or jump higher. Too often, we say we can’t before we even try.

Malcolm and Andrew, trainers at The Gymnasium, believe in encouraging their clients to push their boundaries in an environment that is supportive and understanding. They use logic, experience, and science to show that our bodies can achieve anything we put our minds to.

The Gymnasium has worked to create an authentic space, offering clients tactile interaction during training sessions through materials such as wood, steel, leather, and canvas. Clients can choose from Private Training in the studio (or virtually) or two small group classes:

-Body Best merges strength training, pilates, and yoga
-My Athletic Body is designed to support adventure sports athletes such as MTB riders and trail runners in developing functional athletic strength and practicing injury prevention strategies

A truly inclusive and empowering space for beginners and the usual Cape Town fitness-lover.

Where: City Bowl, Cape Town | Email: gowans.malcom@gmail.comTel: 082 355 5152



This one’s a goodie! There She Glows is one of those businesses established in Cape Town that everyone in the Mother City, the country, and abroad will soon be talking about. Tackling the lack of built-in safety measures in women’s activewear, they came up with a unique idea: reflective scrunchies!

Suitable for running, hiking, biking, or walking in low light or at night, their line of scrunchies are made from a special reflective material and shine when vehicles or streetlights hit them. Pretty much like the reflective stripe on leggings and running shirts but BIGGER and BETTER. This adds a whole new level of safety for our active Capetonians.

The scrunchies are affordable (R159) and can be ordered via their social media account. Early birds and night owls, team There She Glows and HoodLinkd have your back!

Where: City Bowl, Cape Town | Instagram: @theresheglows_sa


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