ICA Live Art Festival 2020


ICA Live Art Festival 2020The Institute for Creative Art (ICA) Festival returns to Cape Town, challenging and extending the public’s experience of live art in a non-commercial environment.

Prior to 2012, there were no exclusive platforms for live art on the continent. Within this vacuum, the ICA Live Art Festival has established a world-renowned meeting ground for live art practitioners – not just to stage work to diverse publics, but to form and sustain relationships with a variety of organisations, places, and cultures.

The ICA is an interdisciplinary institute based in the University of Cape Town’s Humanities Faculty. Their main aim is to foster innovative practice and research in the creative and performing arts. They place a focus on interdisciplinarity, which emerges from their vision for innovative research and artistic practices that blur disciplinary boundaries.

Venue: TBA | Various
Time: TBA
Cost: TBA

Tel: 021 650 7156
Email: ica@uct.ac.za
Website: www.ica.uct.ac.za
Facebook: Institute for Creative Arts – ICA
Twitter: @GIPCA_ICA


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