Imaginarium: The Studio Online Art School


Imaginarium The Studio Online Art SchoolImaginarium: The Studio gives users/learners the opportunity to reach out through art and engage with various creative outputs and personal expression through the Online Art School.

The art school is presented by founders Alouette and Alvira, aiming to bridge the gaps of self isolation and shutdown measures (Due to Coronavirus) to bring people together through artistic innovation.

The learning space gives people the chance to explore and connect with the perceptual and conceptual discourses that encourage personal style and freedom of expression.

The classes start with observation sketches, working on colour theory and painting technique, journaling and concept development. The idea is to gather inspiration before starting to create any work of art, while also encouraging ongoing research for people to continue the journey and engagement with art.

The art schools provides access to videos, downloads, resources,

Videos of some of the classes can be viewed here:

The curriculums encourage people to use personal voices and ideas when expanding on various subject matter that can be comprised of various accessible materials found at home or that is readily available.

The Imaginarium: the Studio courses also highlight different artists every week, giving insight into that artist’s specific artworks, influences and methods.

Tel: 078 853 3559 | 063 887 7920
Facebook: @ImaginariumtheStudio
Instagram: @imaginariumartists


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