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Iziko planetariumThe Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome presents an audio and visual experience of the planets, stars and galaxies, showcasing different themes throughout the year. Café and shop on site.

Public shows are screened daily, from Tuesdays to Sundays (closed on Mondays), with evening shows every Wednesday.

The Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome is the most technologically advanced digital full-dome theatre and research facility on the African Continent. Since re-opening its doors in May 2017, more than 13,000 visitors have been amazed by the immersive multi-sensory experience that catapults guests into galaxies beyond the imaginable.

Current Shows:

Tycho to the Moon: Tycho, the dog, and his young American friends, Ruby and Michael go on a ride where they learn about night and day, space travel, phases of the Moon and features of the lunar surface. Viewers take a close-up look at the Sun, see Tycho play in zero gravity, witness Earth from space, and watch meteors shoot across the night sky

Tilt: How do the seasons work? Why do we have longer sunlight hours in summer than in winter? Why are our shadows longer in winter than in summer? Annie and Max find out when they go on a whirlwind adventure to explore a new angle on the world and learn about the seasons.

Cell! Cell! Cell!: Sooki and Raj go on an adventure to explore the human body as they use a series of instruments to peer inside complex living cells. They uncover the mystery of DNA and discover how humans all began as a single, tiny cell.

Cosmic Collisions: A radical change from the peaceful night sky, Cosmic Collisions presents the result of gravity pulling together planets, stars and galaxies. Here are explosive encounters that ended the age of the dinosaurs and gave birth to new stars, but also created conditions essential for life on earth – the Sun’s warmth, ocean waves.

To Space & Back: Everyday space exploration is impacting our lives and influencing the way we live. Viewers go an a journey of discovery, where they explore the far reaches of the known universe to our own planet. This story of human ingenuity and engineering describes how the technology that transports people through space is paving the way for the devices and apps we use daily.

Asteroid: Mission Extreme: This show takes audiences on a journey to discover how asteroids are both a danger and an opportunity. The danger lies in the possibility of a cataclysmic collision with Earth; the opportunity is the idea that asteroids could be stepping stones to other worlds, enabling us to cross the Solar System. Explore what it would take for astronauts to reach an asteroid and how such an adventure could benefit humankind.

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Venue: 25 Queen Victoria St, Company’s Garden, Cape Town
Time: Various
Cost: R30 – R60

Tel: 021 481 3900
Facebook: Iziko Museums




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