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Karbonkelberg TourismKarbonkelberg Tourism host mix of tours that explores culture, cuisine and heritage – offering travellers the chance to get acquainted with the community situated near the Sentinel and Karbonkelberg Mountains.

The activities cater for the all family members and friends looking for a cultural excursion among seaside scenery. The Culinary Tours highlights diverse cuisine and local favourites such as fried mussels, smoked snoek, various beers and speciality tea brewed from the medicinal buchu plant.

Travellers can roam the landscape on E-bike. Take a trip among the sights equipped for a two-wheeled adventure. The E-bikes offer an accessible activity for kids and adults.

The Hiking Tours offer unique trails inaccessible to the general public. Guests book the monthly Sunset and Full Moon Hikes, or choose from the general hiking options. Travellers start off by the local fishing village or Chapman’s Peak and can expect to view historical features and attractions along each path.

Venue: Block C3, Hout Bay
Time: Various
Cost: Various

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Tel: 084 099 6601
Email: karbonkelbergtourism@gmail.com
Facebook: @KarbonkelbergT
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