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glitter bombsKinda Different Glitter Bombs adds a burst of sparkle, shimmer and taste to drinks for a unique experience.

Started by locals Gary and Helena, Kinda Different Glitter Bombs was developed during the 2020 COVID lockdown with a small home machine. Within a couple of weeks, they had bought their first industrial machine and moved the production from the back of the kitchen to a factory setup, and have be pushing out their little touches of magic.

The Kinda Different Glitter Bombs range includes a variety of glittery colours and flavours, all packed in a ball of candyfloss that releases the shimmer and flavour once dissolved in any drink.

Flavours include citrus, chocolate, chilli and lime, banana, fudge, marshmallow and even liquorice, all combined with colours such as gold, emerald green, shimmering black and a lot more.

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Tel: 071 420 0493
Facebook: @KindaDifferentSA
Instagram: @kindadifferentsa


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  1. Good day

    Trust you are well.

    I would like to find out if you have glitter boms (glitter candy floss).
    My sister in law to be will have her bachelorette party soon and we want to do a glitter candy floss champagne for a welcome drink.

    We live in Boksburg and the function is the 7th of August.

    Hope to hear soon from you.

    Kind regards
    Liezell Klein


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