Kirstenbosch Gardens Spring Festival


Spring FestivalKirstenbosch Botanical Gardens celebrates spring with a Spring Festival that kicks off with National Garden Day.

This time of the year, the garden is alive with thousands of flowers, the calls of birds, and the buzz of bees and other insects. The Fynbos Walk, which traverses the upper slopes of Kirstenbosch, is at its flower-filled best in spring.

Visitors can expect to see sweeping views of the mountains and garden, as well as flowering proteas, pincushions, buchus, heaths, perennial daisies, sweet pea bushes, and many more. The flowers feed the birds, such as the endemic Cape Sugarbird, Malachite Sunbird and Orange-Breasted Sunbird.

Kirstenbosch is renowned for its mass displays of Namaqualand Daisies in spring, and while most of the flower beds are empty due to the COVID-19 pandemic restricting sowing in August, visitors can still see the White Namaqualand Daisy, Namaqua Marigolds, Parachute Daisies and Wild Flax. These flowers have sowed themselves quite efficiently and there are a few small carpets and pockets of colour here and there. The popular vygies, small succulent shrubs with bright, daisy-like flowers are also in bloom.

Besides the plethora of fauna and flora at the garden, visitors can picnic and play on the sprawling lawns all over the garden. There is also a restaurant, vast range of hiking trails and the iconic Boomslang canopy bridge that spans across the treetops in the garden.

Venue: Rhodes dr, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa
Time: 8am – 7pm
Cost: Adults R75 | South African Students (with student card) R40 | Scholars/Learners (6 – 17 years) R20 | Children under 6 years: Free

Tel: 021 799 8783 | 021 799 8782 | 021 799 8899 | 021 797 6570
Website: Kirstenbosch | SANBI
Facebook: Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
Twitter: @KirstenboschNBG


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