Koena Art Institute


Koena Art InstituteThe Koena Art Institute is an organisation that celebrates and preserves Khoi San / Khoena heritage and identity, representing artists of Khoena heritage from across South Africa.

The artworks and events presented at the institute reflect the narrative through the eyes of the Khoena people, indigenous to the Southern Region of Africa. Viewers can expect a balance of seasoned and upcoming artists who present an exciting array of content central to the modern and contemporary Khoi/San.

The Koena Art Institute, aside from selling art online, hosts a series of temporary exhibitions, cultural exchange programs, music and language preservation classes, which are the result of Indigenous knowledge systems and experiences, history and contemporary topics, unique to its people, providing an in-depth look at art-related concepts through a lively approach based on visual and audio demonstration.

Address: 42 Trill Rd, Observatory, Cape Town
Time: Tues to Fri 1pm to 7pm | Sat 1pm to 4pm

Tel: 076 735 7812
Email: info@koenaartinstitute.co.za
Website: www.koenaartinstitute.co.za
Instagram: @koena_art_institute



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  1. Brilliant, weneed a lot more of this to celebrate the Khoi, San, Strandlopers and others like them

    Will visit museum soonest


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