Korreltjie Kantel YoungBlood Gallery

26 to 26 July 2019

Korreltjie Kantel live at YoungBlood GalleryAfrikaans music theatre production, Korreltjie Kantel, is a fusion of literature, theatre, music and art.

Korreltjie Kantel is inspired by the love affair, love letters and literary works of Ingrid Jonker and André P Brink. Nick Turner, Luna Paige & Jamie Jupiter put music to Jonker’s poems and write original songs inspired by the love letters that transpired between these two iconic writers.

Actors Wessel Pretorius and Christine Truter play the roles of these two lovers, using words and literature to express their feelings for each other.

The 10 songs on the SAMA nominated album, Korreltjie Kantel, A feast for the eye, the ear and the soul, each give inspiration to works from 10 renowned visual artists. Prints of the original artworks will be exhibited and available for purchase.

The artworks are by:

Hanneke Benadé
Antoinette Cloete Nel
Christiaan Diedericks
Lisette Forsyth
Ruan Huisamen
Louis Jansen van Vuuren
Marié Stander
Vernon Swart
Shany van den Berg
Judy Woodborne

The production is happening at Youngblood Gallery and is produced by Iluminar Productions.

Iluminar Productions is a production company aimed at producing, promoting and managing bookings of a variety of original South African music and theatrical productions.

Youngblood Foundation (NPC) is an arts & culture development that aims to be a platform for artists from all genres to start off from or to continue from in order to become self-sustainable.

All proceeds (ticket sales, CD sales and art sales) go towards funding the cast’s tour to Netherlands and Belgium, taking place between 17 October and 27 October 2019.

Venue: Youngblood Gallery, 70, 72 Bree St, Cape Town
Time: 8pm to 11pm
Cost: R150

Tel: 021 424 0074
Email:  info@youngblood-africa.com
Website: www.iluminarproductions.com | www.youngblood-africa.com
Facebook: Korreltjie Kantel Concert And Exhibition | @KorreltjieKantel
Twitter: @iluminarsa | @youngbloodct
Instagram: @iluminarproductions | @youngblood_ct




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