Review: Learn Africa, Love Africa Launch Featuring DJ Jubu


I arrived a little late, but the Learn Africa, Love Africa kick-off party was already in full swing on the 1st floor of the Kimberly Hotel.

The Learn Africa (LALA) series is an initiative of the African Arts Institute, which aims to promote the arts and culture achievements of the rest of the continent amoung an often uninformed South African audience. From the line up of planned events it’s clear that LALA seeks to reconnect the Mother city to the rest of the Motherland.

DJ Jubu’s nearly 4 hour set included an eclectic mix of African sounds from all over the continent. Now and then he threw in a bubbling Afro-Latin mix which tested the partner dancing skills of the largely Capetonian crowd. The highlight of his set was his soulful live guitar riffs which added another creative layer to the already fresh mixes.

For the pan-African intellectuals the large balcony provided enough breathing and listening space for a decent conversation while being close enough to the dance floor to still feel a part of the party. The bar became the middle ground for either warming up to or cooling down from the dance-floor.

With the evening winding down, Jubu then took us on a trip down memory lane with some local timeless treffers such as Sipho Hot Stix’s Burn Out and Bongo Muffin’s Mari ye Phepha to which the crowd responded with countless rotations of the Electric-Slide otherwise known by locals as the Bart.

The Learn Africa, Love Africa series very much resembles the Pan-African Space Station held in the city last year and promises to be a huge success if the launch party is anything to go by. With a series of monthly film screenings taking us on a journey through the history of African cinema as well as art talks by visual art fundis from the continent, not to mention the music events, the next few of months promise to be an exciting time in the Mother City

Justin Joshua Davy

Image by Clara Tilve

Learn Africa, Love Africa ran at various venues across Cape Town until 13 December 2011.



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