Froth App – Guide to Cape Town’s Best Local Coffee Spots


frothWhether it’s the start of the day, the afternoon slump, or catch up with a friend, coffee is a constant in our daily routines. Local entrepreneur trio Jonathan Kingwill, Jamie Rood, and Bryn Lake took this vital part of our urban lives and started Froth – a loyalty app that allows coffee lovers to access discounted coffee from local shops and barristers.

Froth merges the relationship between coffee shops and coffee lovers while supporting local, independent entrepreneurs and their businesses. The app provides users with up to 20% discounts on coffee, has no monthly fees, and gives businesses an opportunity to gain loyal customers. Here are six talented barristers waiting to serve you on Froth.


Stellski is an espresso bar situated in the heart of Cape Town, CBD. Expect quality coffee, toasties, awesome music and seriously good vibes. Named after the founder’s Staffy, Stellski brings fun, excitement and joy one coffee cup at a time.

The Stellski Blend is their exclusive coffee blend which has been roasted in small batches to a point where the key coffee elements of aroma, body, acidity and flavour meet perfectly. Exhibiting a sweet honey aroma and creamy body our blend reveals fruity, malty and chocolate flavours. All ethically sourced from Africa’s finest beans through direct Fair Trade relationships with the coffee farmers – Stellski sure is bringing the fun, excitement and joy one coffee cup at a time.


Dolce Bakery was founded in 2009 with the purpose of bringing food and people together while creating memorable moments and spreading happiness.

It has since expanded by adding a retail element to it and the new store brought with it a flurry of new ideas that included savoury items from New York style, traditionally boiled bagels to vegan treats and of course, great coffee. Using Baseline’s Revolution blend, Daniel, barista-extraordinaire, will sort you out with a delicious flat white that will most certainly be Instagram-worthy.


The Blue Door Coffee Roasters; team was inspired by their travels around the world, to places like Guatemala and Kenya where some of the best coffee is produced in its raw, berry form. They fell in love with good coffee and wanted to bring that coffee, and its profound flavours, home to their friends and customers, and opened a small roastery, up a cobble-stone alley in Simon’s Town.

There They started roasting small batches of beans, aiming to offer the best Single-Origin Coffee. Friends and customers loved their coffee and soon people started coming from far and wide to get “the best coffee in Cape Town”.  They soon realised that they were going to need to relocate in order to make it easier for customers to get their favourite Blue Door Coffee beans. Today, Blue Door Coffee Roasters is located in Harbour Bay Mall, a stone-throw away from Simon’s Town.


Bob’s Bagel Café, situated in central Kalk Bay, is the perfect spot to enjoy a great cup of coffee – which is roasted by Bob himself – and a bagel or two.

The shop opens onto a park which is ideal for the kids, dogs, or just a place to sit in the sun and enjoy your treats from the café. Locally made bagels are the order of the day, dripping with yummy fillings, accompanied by chocolate brownies, and decadent fudge, along with a Damn Fine Coffee.


At Camissa Coffee Company it’s all about the coffee. Where it came from, who farmed it, how it was roasted, best brewing methods but also about the person ultimately drinking the coffee. Coffee is about connection, about community and about rituals.

When you purchase coffee from Camissa Coffee Company you are not just supporting your local roaster but you are also supporting all the people who were involved, from the farmer picking the coffee cherries to the hands who meticulously processed the coffee to ensure the highest possible quality.

So whether you will be enjoying your coffee solo or with your loved ones you’re effectively sharing that moment with an entire community of coffee lovers from all around the world. It’s all about Authentic, Ethical Joy.


“Life is not about finding anything; it’s about creating something.” These words, once uttered by the artist Bob Dylan, have become the core philosophy behind Simple Bru’s roasting operation. It is a craving to create which drives them, with the complexity of coffee as their chosen canvas.

As a micro-roastery, they are captivated by the aesthetic scope of coffee and so exude an intimate, hand-crafted and specialized approach to roasting, and each batch is charged with the hope of self-expression. Their fundamental philosophy to roasting naturally pours over into the brewing rationale.

They believe that coffee brewing has become a religion of its own; a daily observance that consists of endemic sacred sacraments, liturgy and customs. It’s a ritual that brings meaning, sets in motion and connects humans. “We are addicted to it. In short, our benediction to you is speciality coffee – consciously sourced, aesthetically roasted and creatively brewed. Alternative roasters. Caffeine Expressionists. Lifestyle café”.


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