Locally Made Craft Food & Drinks to Support Now


We all know local is lekker and understand that food is always fresher and better when it hasn’t had to travel as far to get to us. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the top locally made food and drink brands that you can shop for. Enjoy top-quality drinks, snacks, breads and sauces with the knowledge that you are also supporting local businesses and communities.


Mama Bongi Bakery is a truly inspiring story of passion, love and a darn good cookie. Started by Mama Bongi who just loves seeing the joy and happiness her famous chocolate chip cookies bring. She started making cookies for clients where she worked at Amazing Spaces and got overwhelmed with orders as they just couldn’t get enough.

With this winning product, support of those around her and a passion for baking, Mama Bongi now has her own business, can support her family as well as provide employment for her ‘soux chef’ and partner in cookie crime, Sylvia.

This team of ladies have a beautiful vision to change the world one cookie at a time by creating jobs – one person at a time. They are proud to say they make the best chocolate chip cookies, and now you can get mini versions of these life-changing cookies for guilt-free on-the-road snacks or the perfect addition to a gift bag or lunch box. There is even a vegan option that some say is even better than the original – but you’ll have to be the judge of that by ordering some online.

They are also about the launch the Mama Jumbo Cookie which is a delectable treat of an 80g giant cookie that you will feel compelled to finish in one go!

Where to get it: You can shop the range online or at Chardonnay Deli in Constantia, Giovanni’s Deli in Green Point, The Food Barn in Noordhoek, Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants in Woodstock, CoffeeBloc in Constantia, and Dalebrook Cafe in Kalk Bay

Website: mamabongi.co.za | Email: hello@mamabongi.co.za | Tel: 021 761 3445
Facebook: @mamabongicookies | Instagram: @mama.bongi


Ridhwaan’s chilli sauces are just that – chilli sauce – no thickeners or sweeteners, just raw ingredients and amazing taste.

Fermented foods are in high demand as we learn more about their gut health benefits. And now, you can get a health boost with every meal by adding a drop (or more) of Ridhwaan’s chilli sauce to each bite. Using wild Lacto fermentation that feeds on the natural sugars released by the chillies themselves, this sauce not only tastes great but includes probiotics that improve your microbiota and helps treat diabetes.

The original sauce uses fresh red African birds-eye chillies, salt and white wine vinegar – nothing but goodness in each bottle. And now with Jalapeno and Habanero options, you can mix up the flavor while still being guaranteed no preservatives and no refined sugars. Just a good shake of the bottle and the sauce is ready to add a flavour punch and health kick to everything you put it on…which will soon be everything.

Where to get it: Shop online for nationwide delivery

Website: ridhwaan.xyz  | Email: hello@ridhwaan.xyz | Tel: 081 286 7225
Facebook: @ridhwaan.za | Instagram: @ridhwaan_za


There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread wafting through your home to lighten life’s worries. And with Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread mixes, you don’t even have to worry about getting the measurements right either. Just add your favourite beer (non-alcoholic works too) and you’ll soon be digging into a deliciously crispy loaf of fresh bread.

Like all the best recipes, Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread is a family favourite that has been passed down through the generations, and now into yours. Tweaked to make it virtually flop-proof, you have the freedom to experiment with flavours to create your own family traditions or stick to the classic original bread that never gets old.

If you are looking to impress with something unique but aren’t brave enough to experiment yourself, Barrett’s Ridge has done that for you too. You can choose from a range of flavours including Italian Cheese, Olive and Rosemary, Chilli and Garlic and even Masala.

Where to get it: You can find the range at many local suppliers including Yuppiechef, Spar, and Foodlovers Market

Website: barrettsridge.com | Email: info@barrettsridge.com | Tel: 076 022 5430
Facebook: @barrettsridge | Instagram: @barrettsridge


Situated on the banks of the Breede River with its hot days and cool nights, the RIO LARGO Olive Estate is perfectly located to create the highest quality olive oil. With these conditions and olive tree cultivars originating from Italy, this award-winning oil is carefully under the watchful eye of Nick and Brenda Wilkinson.

Knowing that the different cultivars ripen at different times, the olives are hand-picked only when ready to make sure only the best and ripest olives are harvested for superior taste and quality.

Olive oil is known for its health and beauty benefits due to its high antioxidant levels and ability to lower cholesterol levels and therefore becoming the must-use healthier cooking option. Aware of maintaining these benefits, RIO LARGO olive oil is stored in optimal conditions and only bottled when ordered to guarantee only the freshest oil reaches your table. And fortunately, it’s not only healthy but tastes and looks amazing. With various beautiful designs from floral to minimalist, the unique bottle will add colour to your table while the oil adds colour to your food.

This proudly South African company is internationally recognised with its perfect blend of cultivars claiming many awards worldwide. To give it its multi-award-winning flavour,  they’ve found the perfect balance of smooth and fruity with a hint of pepper. To make sure they maintain this sought-after flavour and quality, RIO LARGO uses biological farming methods for sustainable agriculture. This idea of putting back more than you take out is key to the company’s ethos, and they give you the opportunity to give back too by buying their rhino design bottle which donates a percentage of the sale to Save The Rhino. The perfect purchase for body and soul.

Where to get it: Shop the olive oil in special decanters at selected @Home stores, while the bottled olive oil range is available at Checkers stores

Website: riolargo.co.za | Email: info@riolargo.co.za | Tel: 082 688 0578
Facebook: @riolargooliveestate | Instagram: @riolargooliveestate


Komati Foods aims to make eating healthier just that little bit easier. They do this by having everything you might need or want under one roof – or on one online shop! From your dried fruit and nuts for healthy snacking to spices and flour alternatives, Komati Foods has it all.

This family-run business prides itself on quality and freshness at competitive prices. Providing savvy shoppers with a healthy option without guilt.

Whether you’re looking for a sugar alternative or some carob treats to curb your chocolate cravings, the friendly staff at Komati Foods are ready to help you find what you need in-store in Observatory, or they will carefully pick and pack your online order, for ultimate freshness.

They also offer gift baskets and bags if you are looking for a healthy alternative to the typical box of chocolates or a perfect picnic platter. Whatever your health, cooking or baking needs, Komati foods is ready to help.

Where to get it: Stock up online or at the Komati Foods flagship store in Lower Main Road, Observatory. The range is also available at Mkem 24 hour pharmacy and many other independent health shops and pharmacies, Kwik and SuperSpars.

Website: komatifoods.co.za | Email: info@komatifoods.co.za | Tel: 021 448 2130
Facebook: @komatifoods | Instagram: @komatifoods


Have you tried the Only Certified Organic Citrus Juice in South Africa yet?

SOGA Organic Citrus Juice products are grown, produced, and packaged in the Eastern Cape along the fertile Sundays River valley, offering you a one-of-a-kind, unique product. Their citrus is grown in healthy organic soils to ensure the healthiest tastiest juice. Produce are sourced from the 4 SOGA growers or farms where conditions are ideal for cultivating delicious, juicy fruit that is made into fresh not-from-concentrated juice with all its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

Their organic farming cycle works in harmony with nature to reduce their carbon footprint, making the process more sustainable. It also means you are guaranteed no pesticide residues in any of their products. 

From a delicious slushy orange or ruby grapefruit juice, a refreshing Orange Ice Rocket, or some convenient and versatile frozen lemon juice cubes – the choice is yours. All products are ‘Just squeezed & freezed®’ – 100% pure and natural, high in Vitamin C and with nothing added! No preservatives, no additives, no added sugar, water, colourings, or flavourings!

The only ingredient is the product and the product is the only ingredient. Check out their Youtube video to find out more about SOGA organic.

Where to get it: See here for the full list of stockists in Western Cape including selected Checkers, Dis-Chem, SPAR, and Food Lovers Market stores

Website: sogaorganic.co.za | Email: info@sogaorganic.co.za | Tel: 042 230 1376
Facebook: @sogaorganic | Instagram: @sogaorganic


Everyone tried their hand at bread-making during lockdown, but at Millstone Flour, it is no craze. As one of the very few artisanal millers in South Africa, providing superior flour and reliable results to bakers nationwide is a lifelong passion.

Using authentic Italian machinery to mill their artisan flours, they work tirelessly to ensure consistent quality so that you get consistent quality bake every time. All their flours, from Rye and wholewheat to cake flour, are unbleached and free from chemical processing aids and preservatives to provide better flavour and nutrition. The traditional milling method they use is designed to retain all the natural goodness of the wheat kernel while damaging starch consistently for optimal water absorption.

This attention to detail and quality reaches beyond the millstone to the sourcing of only the best GMO- free wheat so bakers are using only the best flour to make the best bread. Ever on the lookout to provide South African bakers less stress and better results, they also have pre-mixes for artisanal breads such as ciabatta, focaccia or baguettes.

Or you might be more interested in their Farina 00 range for the pasta and pizza makers among you. Whether chef or baker, Millstone Flour aims to supply peace of mind with reliably delicious results.

Where to get it: Find Millstone Flour at Foodgistics, The Foodstore in Montague Gardens, NU Foods in Brackenfell, and Mushrooms ‘n Things

Website: millstoneflour.co.za | Email: info@millstoneflour.co.za | Tel: 031 500 9812
Facebook: @millstoneflour | Instagram: @millstoneflour


Kombucha is fast becoming a staple in many people’s diets, due to its range of health benefits. At Brew Kombucha, South Africa’s first producer of certified organic kombucha, they believe that just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it has to taste like medicine. They aim to let you have your cake and eat it too, delivering all the good stuff in a tasty, sweet and sour drink that has the natural bubble kombucha is known for.

They achieve this by using organically sourced rooibos from the Cederberg Mountains, as well as other indigenous medicinals that are farmed without pesticides or other chemicals. So, all you are getting is the antioxidant-rich rooibos flavour, probiotics, and vitamins – no unwanted extras. Brew also offers three additional tasty and trendy flavours, inspired by local African flora: Buchu Babe, African Rose and, arriving just in time for winter, Brew Kombucha’s new Ginger Lemon. This flavour combines the health benefits of ginger and lemon with the natural immune-boosting qualities of kombucha. Packed full of vitamins B and C, as well as probiotics, this fizzy fermented beverage is perfect for those looking to give their gut a healthy kick.

Sourcing local and organic ingredients is also a huge part of Brew Kombucha’s active involvement in promoting organic regenerative farming in South Africa. Constantly working towards higher ethical and sustainability standards, Brew Kombucha uses recycled materials – with their packaging being 99% free of single-use plastic.

Beyond the sustainability of the delicious brew, the manufacturing process is also kind to the environment. Using natural eco-friendly sanitisers and 90% water efficiency, you can enjoy your kombucha knowing it’s good for you, as well as your local community and environment.

Where to get it: Brew Kombucha is available at selected stores nationwide, including Wellness Warehouse, Spar, Food Lovers Market, and a number of health shops and delis. You can also order online for delivery, direct to your doorstep.

Website: brewkombucha.co.za | Email: hello@brewkombucha.co.za | Tel: 021 685 0846
Facebook: @brewkombucha | Instagram: @brewkombucha


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