Love Jacaranda


Decorate your place with carefully curated collection of throws and blankets in a range of colours and yarns to give your place a lush texture.

Love Jacaranda is a fully female-owned textile curator keeping the local homeware design industry fresh with a stunning range of throws, blankets and cushions. The portfolio includes something for everyone: soft throws in beautiful designs and taupe tones, luxurious bed blankets, cotton and wool cushions.

They also stock heritage blankets used by various cultures in South Africa including the famous Basotho blankets and the Ndebele Umbhalo.

Some of their favourite pieces are a Brushed Cotton Blend Throw, their Wool Blend Throw, and a triple weave luxury throw to cosy up inside from the cold and wet outdoors. It’s also worth your time to view their Africa range of throws and blankets in vibrant local colours.

Their products are proudly South African, produced locally for locals, and are only sold online. To secure your slice of heritage, visit their online store to have a look at their full collection.

Facebook: @love.jacaranda
Instagram: @love.jacaranda


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