Review: Lucy Tops as Bette Midler


Lucy TopsSuch a soothing voice… from the moment Lucy Tops steps onto the stage, she steps right into your heart.   And in the intimately small Alexander Upstairs theatre there are no distractions. With a script penned by Jon Keevy to link the songs together, the whole set up is very simple: minimal props, one costume change and a bottle of ‘champagne’ to wet her whistle between songs.

In fact for this show, inspired by the brassy-but-soft and larger-than-life Bette Midler, this petite venue is perfect for getting up close and personal with her audience, the front row of which Tops refers to as her ‘chorus line’.   One older gentleman found himself dancing with Tops on stage during ‘Do You Want to Dance?’ and, somewhat overwhelmed by her Broadway sassiness, was all too relieved to take his seat again, much to the amusement of the rest of the audience.

Displaying a maturity beyond her years Tops does justice to the Hollywood diva and has a stage presence that fills the room even before she demonstrates her smooth yet powerful voice. A talented all-rounder, she acts, jokes and dances about on stage true to the fashion of the woman referred to as “the divine Miss M” – ‘stealing the show’, as the title of the evening suggests.

Tops’ performance is underlined by a true sincerity which comes through in every note. Charming, flawless and a true romantic, when she doesn’t engender smiles and laughter it is because she is moving her audience to tears with ‘Wind Beneath my Wings.’   If ever Bette Midler needs serenading, she must call on the Divine Miss T.

Robyn Carstens

Lucy Tops performs ‘Stealing the Show’ at the Alexander Upstairs Theatre 12 to 17 May 2014.

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