Meet the Makers of KAMERS


WHATS_CT_Newsletter AdThe Cape’s most popular crafters market, KAMERS/Makers Market, is back with its Autumn show beneath the oak trees of the Blaauwklippen Estate in Stellenbosch from 23 to 27 March.

Featuring over 160 local entrepreneurs, designers, and artisans, KAMERS/Makers has always focused on providing a platform for local crafters to showcase their handmade goods helping them kick start and grow their businesses, and putting them face-to-face with buyers.

This aspect of KAMERS/Makers is now more important than ever for the small to medium enterprise economy of our country as many people were forced to rethink, readjust and even reinvent their lives as a result of the pandemic chaos.

Here a just a few of the Makers who inspire with their entrepreneurial spirit, offering fresh and unique products, and are showcasing their artistry at the KAMERS/Makers Market.


Nomsa Malgas is a real KAMERS/Makers success story. Nomsa was one of the many ‘lockdown casualties’ after she and her partner lost their jobs in the earliest days of the pandemic. Jobless, Nomsa had to fall back on her love for fashion and tailoring, making designer masks which she would sell each day outside Constantia Village, making just enough to get groceries before rushing home to care for her new baby.

Word came to her about KAMERS/Makers and, heart in mouth, she applied for the 2021 Blaauwklippen show. With no funds, her audition range of clothing was made out of a collection of her bedsheets and lounge curtains. But her talent wowed the KM team and the rest is history. She almost sold out at Blaauwklippen, also walking away with KM’s Best Newcomer Award for that show.

You can meet (and shop) this dynamic young designer at the KAMERS/Makers Market, 23 to 27 March at Blaauwklippen Estate in Stellenbosch.


Campbell Armoury Leatherware was founded in Cape Town in 2017 by a woman with a passion for leather and the desire to make her own bespoke handmade products.

Zenobia Campbell’s original designs are hand-made here in Cape Town and are meticulously hand-stitched and finished to a level of quality that stands proudly alongside the finest European leather smiths.

This young artisan business has big dreams! Shop Campbell Armoury’s new collection at the KAMERS/Makers Market, 23 to 27 March at Blaauwklippen Estate in Stellenbosch.


Arguably the funkiest jackets on the planet, Liezl Reddek brings her movie industry Art Direction talents to bear on her trademark ‘Bomber’jackets in a kaleidoscope of colours, textures and fabrics.

Liezel scours South Africa for textiles, patterns and other materials, meaning that every F8 Top is truly a limited edition creation – with her crazy-beautiful tapestry work guaranteeing a stand-out fashion statement on every garment.

Discover the eclectic excellence of F8 at the KAMERS/Makers Market, 23 to 27 March at Blaauwklippen Estate in Stellenbosch.


Thokozani and Anya have grown up with KAMERS/Makers. Since first showcasing their small range of heartland men’s sweat- and T-shirts more than 3 years ago, they have branched out into caps, bags, shorts and more.

Thokozani is a classic ‘maak-n-plan’ Mzanzi entrepreneur, having found the name for his dream fashion brand while chugging along an Eastern Cape backroad, staring at cattle in a field.

He and Anya have built Nguni into one of KM’s most popular men’s fashion ranges. Visit them at the KAMERS/Makers Market, 23 to 27 March at Blaauwklippen Estate in Stellenbosch.


Bongani and Jeff are true artists. Their ability to take the ubiquitous medium of the traditional bead and wire crafting onto an entirely new level of artistic expression continues to amaze at KAMERS/Makers.

Show after show, they arrive with new creativity that is even broader than their ever-present smiles.

Jeff’s KATAZA baboon sculpture, a 6-months in the making homage to the great Chacma troop leader who charmed (and infuriated) False Bay residents for years, is truly breathtaking in its uncanny accuracy and lifelike detail. Their incredible work with beads, rusty chain fences, and other materials must really be seen to be believed.

Experience their artistic flair for yourself at the KAMERS/Makers Market, 23 to 27 March at Blaauwklippen Estate in Stellenbosch.


Cocoon tote bags are absolutely, truly, 100% good for the planet – eco-friendly, sustainable, 100% recycled plastic.

Cocoon is, quite literally, saving the planet…. one bag at a time. Fiercely local, Cocoon is super-committed to using only local artisans and creating jobs through their ever-growing range of super-practical, Uber-stylish lifestyle bags.

Ever-inventive, they have some great new products to launch at KM Blaauwklippen: laptop bags; backpacks in 2 colour-ways; bumbags with a twist, and a few extra surprises. So don’t miss Cocoon at the KAMERS/Makers Market, 23 to 27 March at Blaauwklippen Estate in Stellenbosch.


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