mongo Night standMongo is a small Cape Town startup business that creates aesthetically pleasing and functional items such as night stands, bicycle wall mounts, cutting boards, shelves and more.

The business came to life through a passion for making ‘cool’ stuff and being immersed in the creative process. They design and make pieces that are not just beautiful to look at but also a joy to interact with.

The products are made with various materials such as hardwoods, birch plywood, metal, leather detail and cork, and incorporate every aspect of traditional and modern manufacturing technology. The products are handcrafted and feature engraving, lazer cut to flatbed UV printing, bending, powder coating of metal and more.

Mongo caters for both the individual as well as the retail display space. As part of their skillset and service, they offer 3D renders of concepts in their desired environment to give clients a visual perspective of their dream piece.

Get in touch with Mongo for more information on ordering and discussing custom pieces.

Tel: 072 650 7545
Instagram: @mongo_cpt
Facebook: @MongoCPT


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