Mother’s Day 2020: Lockdown Edition


So far 2020 has proven far from easy. On top of everything else, lockdown has meant missed birthdays, weddings and many important occasions when we longed to be with our loved ones. But even if we can’t be with our mothers right now, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be put on hold. We’ve put together a few ideas on how to make this Sunday special for the most important woman in your life.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Mothers are synonymous with family and they are often the glue that keeps families together. This makes memories so special, that’s why they are often shared around the dinner table on these special days. Celebrate this family magic by collecting photographs, old and new, a create a slide show, pictures collage, short video or an album. Get everyone involved too and have each person pick a favourite photo to share.

Don’t worry about whipping out the craft paper and glue, apps and social networks makes picture sharing a breeze – allowing you to not only share your memories with your mom but other family and friends too.

Create a story with all your pictures on your Facebook, Instagram or even Whatsapp profiles. For something that lasts longer, create a slide show, collage or video on creative apps such as VivaVideo, PicsArt and Canva to name a few. These are all free to use one your phone or computer and can be shared on multiple platforms.

Share a Delicious Meal Together

There is no greater expression of love than sharing a meal with your family, and mothers definitely adopt this philosophy. Surprise your mom with some breakfast in bed. Or take the time to cook up some of her favourite dishes for a Mother’s Day feast. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to whip up something to make her smile. The thought alone is sure to warm her heart.

Stir it Up, Stir Crazy, Quarter Kitchen and food blogger Nina Thimm offer a wide range of recipes that can be cooked up at home. Recipes range from delicious breakfasts, healthy lunches, scrumptious sweet treats and local-inspired dinner dishes.

While we are in lockdown and still engaging in social distancing, most of us cannot always be with the ones we love. For those who cannot physically be with their moms, why not order a special meal to be delivered. Chef Mathew Hoepner from The Flying Pan prepares ready-made and delicious dishes that are delivered to doorsteps in the City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard, and Southern Suburbs areas. Their menu includes comforting classics like spaghetti meatballs, Cape Malay chicken curry, and roasted tomato gnocchi, ready in a matter of minutes.

Buy Her Something Special

Every mom loves to be spoiled, and lockdown doesn’t change that. Hop online and buy your mom’s favourite things, delivered straight to her door.

The popular KAMERS/Makers Market, which features hundreds of handmade and handcrafted products made by local artisans, has gone online. Shop a plethora of unique gifts ranging from bangs, linen and clothing to jewelry, shoes and luxury gift packs. Shop here

For some sweet treat options, Monate Chocolate offers artisanal, organic, ethically chocolate. From bonbons and chocolate hearts to bars and hot chocolate, Monate Chocolate makes for the ideal, indulgent gift. Shop here.

Atrium Plants and Plantify has a range of plants and flowers fresh from the greenhouse to your door. We all know that lockdown has us pulling our hair out trying to fill up our days. Plants do not only make a great gift but it is the perfect hobby during this time, and it allows for relaxation and peace.

Mother's Day 2020: Lockdown Edition

Have a Virtual Get Together

Being together is what makes Mother’s Day so special. Seeing everyone’s smiling faces and sharing a laugh is often all a mother wants. And while social distancing makes this difficult, take advantage of online platforms that allow us to connect virtually.

Arrange Zoom, SkypeFaceTime or Whatsapp video call – it may not be in-person but is the next best thing. And for those of us who already rely on these platforms to see mom during this period know how special they are.

You can even turn Sunday into a virtual movie night. Make sure that your mom and family are tuned into the same film, create a family group chat and laugh, comment and cry through it all, while snuggled under a blanket on the couch.

Can’t go live? Record and compile video messages to mom that she can playback and keep for eternity. Alternatively, make her a playlist with some relaxing tunes, songs that bring back memories or those songs you’ve heard her belting when no one is looking.

Help Her Relax and Unwind

Self-care and relaxation are so important during this time. Treat your mom to a D.I.Y, at-home spa day. Go through your cupboards or open that bath and body scrub gift parcel you’ve been saving. Or you could even have a foot bath and talk together. This is a special day, and your special lady deserves to be pampered. So spend the day making your own “get ready with me” routine worthy of YouTube with all the essential oils and special lotions.

If you’re not with your mom, treat her with the gift of comfort. Lillies & Lust online store offers luxury robes, pajama’s and slippers that will make your mom feel pampered. Shop here.




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