Musgrave Crafted Spirits


Cape Town is home to some of the best craft gins in Africa. Celebrate your time at home with Musgrave Crafted Spirits that provide a flavour-infused with subtle flavours and distinctly African palette. They have a variety of spirits and gift sets for you to choose from.

They have two must try gins for both beginners and experts. The first, the Original Musgrave Gin, is made up of a selection of 11 botanicals, each reflecting some aspect of the African Spice Route of old. Then there is the Musgrave Pink Gin which embodies romantic nostalgia, a sense of indulgence that comes from experiencing that which is beautiful.

Not only do they have excellent Gin, but their Musgrave Vanilla Copper is also a must-try! It is crafted to be the “Bourbon” of Brandy, – a new genre that remixes the brandy category to play where cognac has feared to tread. Musgrave Vanilla Copper is more aligned to the cognac drinker than to a traditional brandy drinker using the finest pot still brandy with the added excitement of flavour-infusion. You may also want to try their unique Musgrave Black Honey Copper which is deep caramel in colour and boasts complex bourbon-esque savoury flavours.

The  Musgrave Gift Sets is also a nice way to spoil your family or friends, or just to enjoy at home. And as winter sets in, the Musgrave Copper Black Honey & Truth Black Honey Coffee Sets are the perfect Winter hot toddy. You can place orders directly via their online store.

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