New Exhibits at the Two Oceans Aquarium


Ocean ExhibitOn 16 June 2016, the Two Oceans Aquarium unveiled two new sealife exhibits to the public.

The I&J Ocean Exhibit holds 1.6 million litres of seawater, stands a full 6 metres deep and is the first exhibit of its kind in South Africa to boast a full 10-metre long tunnel.  It will be home to giant guitarfish, rays, bonito, yellowfin tuna, as well as Yoshi the Aquarium’s resident loggerhead turtle and much more. A ‘bubble curtain’ (see pic) is currently in place until the new inhabitants have settled into their new home.

A new Jelly Gallery has also been revealed. This gallery forms the entrance to the new I&J Ocean Exhibit and houses various jellyfish species in a novel and mesmerising way.

Previous Predator Tank residents, the ragged-tooth sharks, have been released back into the wild. As with other sharks that the Aquarium has released over the years, the raggies have been tagged in order to further study ragged-tooth sharks in general and their migration patterns along the southern African coastline. The Predator Tank will now undergo some improvements and will reopen as a dedicated shark exhibit in about 12 months.  The Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit will undergo renovations at the same time.

Updated information on Feeding times in the I&J Ocean Exhibit, Penguin area and Kelp Forest.

Updated information on Scuba Diving at the Two Oceans Aquarium.


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