Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner | Zoom Webinar

9 to 9 July 2020

Suits & Sneakers presents Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner, a free live webinar on streaming webinars.

The event sees Nico Steyn join Mark Sham in studio as they go through some of the most important lessons necessary for setting up a video studio to host a variety of webinars.

Steyn shares his experiences as screenplay writer and TV & Film Producer/Director to help viewers reach better impact with their next online talk or webinar.

On the topic, Nico says: “In this session I look forward to share some hints and tips gleaned from the Film and TV industry, to ensure a better connection and engagement with audiences. I also have a few ideas that could help break the structure of long talks down into more digestible info-bytes for viewers online. Hope to see you there!”

The hosts provide this example for guests to think about: It’s really hard for audiences online to make eye contact with a speaker when their image is in a tiny little box at the bottom of an online presentation. Authenticity begins by making a connection, through eye contact and building empathy with viewers. In Hollywood and in the TV industry, everything revolves around getting audiences in and keeping them there.

The webinar is presented by Mark Sham of Suits & Sneaks, which hosts regular events with incredible minds with the aim to educate people and shift their perspectives. Based in South Africa and the UK, they have built an online learning and engagement platform that helps scale the learning experience into every day life.

Stream: Zoom
Time: 11am to 12.30pm
Cost: Free

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