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NoMango Local DeliveriesNoMango is a delivery company helping to relieve the strain of the COVID-19 virus on South African shoppers by providing a safe and efficient same-day delivery service. Affiliated outlets include Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Clicks, Wellness Warehouse, Drifter Brewing (Beer & Gin), Specialty Tea (Steep Box) and Organic Fruit (FruttyFreshBox).

For faster and safer deliveries, NoMango manages the collection of all grocery items and delivers to the doorstep within the day. All of their drivers and shoppers wear personal protective gear to limit contact with goods and ensure that the virus does not spread.

To use NoMango, customers are to do the following:

  1. Create an account
  2. Select the items for purchase
  3. View the cart and select a delivery time
  4. Pay
  5. Wait for delivery. The delivery driver will contact when outside.

For those wanting flexible options when receiving their groceries, NoMango offers Leave at My Door Delivery, where customers can leave additional instructions for their NoMango shopper. A Pick-Up in store option also allows customers to collect their bags from NoMango shoppers at the Gardens shopping centre themselves.

Should a store have no stock of an ordered item, customers are given the choice either for a refund or to purchase a similar item. Refunds take between one to five days, depending on the bank in question.

Some products—such as hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, rice, water, and cold medicine may be running low. NoMango continuously updates availability to ensure customers are notified of any order changes or updates in real-time.

NoMango currently does not deliver on the weekend and any orders placed after 3pm on Friday or on the weekend will be delivered on Monday. If no specific time or date is chosen, the order is delivered in the next available slot.

Cost: Various | R79 delivery charge | R45 Pick-Up in store

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Tel: 021 300 4455
Facebook: @deliverynomango
Twitter: @NoMangoDelivery
Instagram: @nomangodelivery


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