Oh Love Me By Law Heating Bags


Oh Love Me By LawOh Love Me By Law offers various heating bags for hot or cold body therapy, helping to increase blood flow to the muscles.

Depending on how they are used, the bags can help with various issues such as sore muscles, muscle tension, muscle spasms, joint pain or stiffness, shoulder pain and period pain.

Usable on the neck and shoulder, the bags are best used after exercise or a surgery. They can also be used as an ice pack, frozen to between 30 and 45 degrees before use.

The bags also come in different packages and sizes, such as the three-tier wrap, used for the shoulder or abdominal area; a medium bag, used for abdominal or back pain; three pack individual bags for pains in the joint, wrist or ankles; eye pillow, which is used for tension, headaches and stress after a long day.

Cost: Various | Confirmed via Direct Messenger
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