Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Try this Summer


Get the sunblock ready and make fitness a lifestyle this summer season. We’ve got 7 unique ways for you to burn energy, build muscle, de-stress and get some sun. It’s all about feeling the burn.

Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Try this Summer FITstrong


The low-down: FITstrong is putting functionality and flexibility back into workout routines, with a defining focus on variety. The fitness space includes an outdoor obstacle course, functional area, free weight section, indoor gym, dance studio, boxing gym, trampoline and aerial yoga equipment. Challenge yourself both mentally and physically with Fitstrong’s Saturday Slam sessions, an outdoor class combining strength exercises with short interval workouts. If the Impi Challenge or the Toyota Warrior Race is in your future, begin preparing with the Outdoor FITstrong Obstacle Course. It combines monkey bars, tyres, prowlers, battling ropes, kettlebells, balances beams, pull ups and a climbing wall all in one seamless workout.

FITstrong also offers Bootcamp classes, a full-body, fat-burning cardio workout designed for members who are losing weight. Or if you’re looking to change not only your routine, but your workout results, try a FITstrong staged HIIT class. Every stage in the class works different muscles groups. New stage, new muscles, new results.

Reap the rewards: You don’t have to know the science behind functional training and HIIT classes in order to lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve your oxygen consumption and feel the benefits of boosted well-being.

Special Offer: Potential new members can book a trial session via email.
Cost: Drop-in fee R110 | Memberships ranging from R490 to R1000 | Couple’s contracts also available
Operating hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs 5.30am to 8pm | Wed 5.30am to 7.30pm | Fri 5.30am to 7pm | Sat 8am to 11am

Address: De Bron Rd, Durbanville, Cape Town
Tel: 021 982 5863 | Email: info@fitstrong.co.za | Website: fitstrong.co.za
Facebook: FitstrongSA | Instagram: Fitstrongsa


The low-down: As a mobile surf school with a variety of forecasts to consult, Stoked School of Surf gets both surfer tourists and locals surfing in the best possible conditions this summer season. Transport to the chosen beach is optional, with pickups from locations in Cape Town city and surrounds. Wetsuits and surfboards are provided, making this a convenient and fun way to take advantage of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches and get active.

For the thoroughly stoked surfers, Stoked School of Surf also offers a 2-day surfing camp at Muizenberg or a 3-day surfing road trip along the coast to Arniston. If you’re an experienced surfer, Surf Guiding is an opportunity to get to know Cape Town’s coastline through the eyes of a local.

Reap the rewards: Work you upper body, burn some energy and feel the benefits of some time in nature as you paddle out of your comfort zone and join forces with the waves

What to bring: Swimsuit/boardshorts, a towel, sunscreen and a bottle of water. Wetsuits and surfboards are provided by the team.
Cost: R490 for a 2-hour self-drive option, or R720 for the transported option.
Operating hours: 9am to 8pm

Address: Various in Camps Bay, Cape Town
Tel: 082 412 8781 | Website: stokedsurfschool.com
Facebook: Stokedsurf | Twitter: Stokedsurfsa | Instagram: Stokedsurfsa

Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Try this Summer Yoga Play


The low-down: Yoga-Play’s rooftop yoga sessions are an excellent opportunity to find inspiration in Table Mountain’s profound presence whilst fine-tuning your very own High Mountain pose. Experienced yogini Néna Butler guides these beginner-friendly, playful yet moderately-paced Vinyasa yoga classes every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning on the rooftop of Harvest Cafe and Deli in the Bo Kaap. The charm behind Butler’s accessible approach lies with blending mindfulness with movement for a healthier and happier life. Yoga-Play lends itself to poses and movements to challenge body and mind. This is a chance to breathe, flow and let go in the heart of the Mother City.

Reap the rewards: All forms of yoga are renowned for reducing stress. But consistent Vinyasa yoga sessions promise strength training and building lean muscle through backbends, arm balances and standing poses.

What to bring: Bring a yoga mat or towel, water, sunblock and a camera or phone to capture this beautiful experience. Yoga mats are available for rent
Cost: R100 cash/SnapScan. Booking essential
Rooftop Session hours: Wed 6pm | Sat 8.30am

Address: 102 Wale St, Cape Town
Tel: 083 675 5584 | Email: yogaplay.za@gmail.com
Facebook: yogaplay.za | Instagram: yogaplay.za


The low-down: Tick something off your bucket list with a guided kayak trip by Kaskazi Kayaks and Adventures. With 15 years of experience in not only guiding, but the manufacturing of kayaks, owners Art and Tracy have evident knowledge and passion for the sport. Their Guided Kayak Adventure is an opportunity to get a decent dose of sun and see our beautiful oceans from a different perspective. This unique experience can be captured on film by your adventure guide and sent to you at no additional charge.

For those looking to explore the sport in more depth, Kaskazi Kayaks and Adventures offers a unique kayak introductory course. The contents of the course cover paddling techniques and how to manoeuvre a kayak competently, as well as safety and understanding your limits as a beginner.

Reap the rewards: Kayaking at Kaskazi Kayaks and Adventures follows a departure from conventional kayaking by ditching rigorous competitive spirit in favour of a more mindfulness sensibility to the sport. The much more leisurely pace is not only accessible, but can be a perfect option to clear your mind while escaping the hustle and humdrum of our world on shore.

What to bring: Dress in lightweight attire, with the weather in mind. Flotation devices provided by instructors.
Cost: Guided Adventures R400 | Kayak Intro Course R800
Operating times: 6.30am to 5.30pm | Kayak Intro Course: Sat mornings

Address: 179 Beach Road, Mouille Point, Cape Town
Tel: 083 346 1146 | Email:  info@kayak.co.za | Website: kayak.co.za
Facebook: KaskaziKayakTrips | Twitter: kaskazicapetown | Instagram: kaskazikayaks


The low-down: Begin your stand up paddle boarding journey on the calm water of Cape Town’s canals with SUP Cape Town. Based in the V&A Waterfront, SUP Cape Town’s station is at the Battery Park for keen participants to try. With no hazards and no waves, the canals are an ideal place for first-timers, allowing for comfort and confidence as you find your feet on the board. In a 1-hour lesson, you’ll gain knowledge about the water, wind and equipment as well as how to stabilise, position yourself and balance different paddling strokes. The option to book a SUP private lesson or just rent equipment makes this a convenient way to get moving and try something new this season. And to make your next Clifton excursion extra exciting, daily SUP rentals will be available at 4th Beach for a limited summer period running from December 2018 to March 2019.

For those looking to tackle a greater challenge with an adventurous twist, SUP Cape Town is also running lengthier guided open Ocean Experience SUP-ing at their new take-off venue, Oceana Power Boat Club. 

Reap the rewards: SUP is a low impact exercise form, making it unlikely to cause damage to your joints. Fitness benefits include improved balance and endurance through repetitive movements, which will leave you with a core of steel.

What to bring: Standard fitness gear – tights and tank top for ladies, shorts and tee for gents. Life jacket are available on hand if needed
Cost: Waterfront/Clifton SUP rentals 30 mins R150 | Waterfront/Clifton SUP rentals 1-hour R220 | Open Ocean SUP 1-hour R550 | Enquire about discounts and special offers for larger groups
Operating times: 10am to 4pm | Open Ocean SUP 7.30am to 11am

Address: Unit 1 Battery Park, V&A Waterfront | Parking access from Alfred Road, just behind City Lodge
Tel: 0827890411 | Email: supcapetown@gmail.com | Website: supcapetown.co.za
Facebook: SUP.Cape.Town | Twitter: supcapetown | Instagram: supcapetown

flying trapeze in stellenbosch


Push your personal boundaries and take the leap towards something entirely different: trapeze at the only flying trapeze school in the Western Cape. Living Arts ensures that their trapeze classes are as safe as they are adventurous, with harnesses and guidance from experienced facilitators being a top priority. Participants are coached through taking off from the board to landing in the net, with the option of a knee hang and a backflip dismount. Those who aren’t so acrobatically inclined can just enjoy the swing and the sensation of landing in the net.

Living Arts not only gives classes to individuals, but also arranges corporate events, tour groups and children’s parties.

Reap the rewards: Practiced regularly, trapeze lessons can transform multiple muscle groups simultaneously. As with most aerial arts, the upper body, glutes, and lower back are always activated which results in full body conditioning.

What to bring: Casual dress code
Cost: R200 per session
Operating Times: Adult flying sessions on Sat mornings – 10am to 2pm

Address: The Shed, Santa Road, Stellenbosch
Tel: 074 991 5615 | Email: flyingtrapeze.laf@gmail.com | Website: livingarts.org.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theshed.fun/

Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Try this Summer


The low-down: Find your freedom with Learn2Cycle’s adult beginners road cycling lessons. Through 2-hour lessons that focus on feeling in control, safe and able, learners leave feelings of embarrassment behind and discover a new way of travelling or commuting. Lebogang Mokwena, the founder of Learn2Cycle only learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 30 through Bike New York, a non-profit organisation that provides free lessons for adults and children in New York. With this as her inspiration and sponsorship from Pedal Power Association, Learn2Cycle began. The initiative aims to create a balance both on bicycles and off – socially, through diversifying the demographic profiles of Cape Town cyclists and environmentally, through being a driving force behind finding sustainable commuting options.

Join a Learn2Cycle lesson and learn a new skill which not only encourages fitness and freedom, but incorporates you in the social and environmental movement.

Reap the rewards: Learn a skill that allows you to make improving cardiovascular health and building strength a part of your lifestyle.

What to bring: Water or energy drinks for ample hydration. Dress code is casual with flat surfaced shoes for ease on pedals
Cost: Learn2Cycle operates on a donation-based structure, so any amount would be greatly appreciated
Operating times: Sat 10am

Address: Tsiba Education, 307 Forest Drive Extension, 307 Forest Dr, Pinelands,
Email: lebogang.mokwena@gmail.com| Website: eventbrite.com/o/lebogang-mokwena
Instagram: thereelbicyclecapetown


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