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Peebee Live on FacebookThe Peebee App is a free local app committed to keep people healthy during the lockdown with Peebee live on Facebook. Viewers can stay fit while indoors by simply visiting their Facebook page.

Local developers of the Peebee App, launched in Cape Town recently, together with some of the provinces top personal trainers, have started broadcasting free live workouts that range from strength and conditioning to yoga and also beginner movements for those new to training.

The classes are spread out throughout most the morning and viewers can simply visit the Peebee Facebook page to watch the live workout (workouts will also remain available on the Facebook page for 24 hours post the class).

The first classes start at 8am and are rolled out throughout the morning

Time: Mon to Wed at 9am to 12am | Thurs at 8am to 12pm | Fri and Sat also at 9am to 12pm | Sun at 11am to 12pm
Cost: Free

Facebook: @peebeeapp
Instagram: @Peebee
Twitter: @Peebeeapp

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