Phoenix Women – Power Through Pain

31 to 31 August 2019

Good Enuf Enterprises presents Phoenix Women – Power Through Pain, a Women’s Month event aimed at providing a safe, intimate space where women interact with each other, share their own personal experiences and focus on traumatic events in each of their lives.

Good Enuf is a community-based organisation in Cape Town focused on working with women, providing a support network and encouraging them to share their stories. They primarily focus on working with and assisting teens who struggle to transition into adolescence, providing them with the necessary life skills.

The organisation also offers bullying presentations to High school learners and assist those affected by bullying, alongside their school therapist as extra support. As certified trauma counselors, they offer private counseling sessions starting at only R50.

Attendees of the Phoenix Women – Power Through Pain event can ‘let their guard down’ and talk about any issues affecting them as women in a shame-free, non-judgemental space. Guests also have access to post-trauma professionals from Trauma Centre, Alpha Youniverse, and others.

The aim of the event is to get 100 women engaged in conversations, providing them with a platform to inspire and motivate one another by being real and vulnerable and honing in on coping skills used to derive ‘Power from their pain’ post-trauma. Money raised from the event will go towards funding the ongoing bullying presentations and other community initiatives.

Light snacks and refreshments are provided.

Venue: CCA Celebrities, 17 Nobel Park, Old Paarl Rd, Bellville, Cape Town
Time: 1.30pm to 4.30pm
Cost: R200



Tel: 083 398 0302
Facebook: Phoenix Women – Power Through Pain@GoodEnufPositiveStories
Instagram: @goodenuf_organization


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