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_MG_9748From the vivid pop art paintings to the funky soundtrack and glossy red logo, it’s obvious that The Chanel Bettison Beauty Concept Store is not your average salon.

Daylight streams in through the floor to ceiling windows, and bounces off the whitewashed wooden floors and walls, creating an effect that is both slick and sunny.

After a warm, personal greeting and a welcome glass of cold water, I was invited to choose a colour for my express pedicure. Alongside the popular Essie brand, it was exciting to see a range of colours from the house of Chanel. It is rare to find such a cutting edge, prestigious brand on offer in spas and salons, and such a choice gives The Beauty Concept Store a definite edge… though given the owner’s name, a distinct lean towards the brand might be understandable.

Chanel Bettison was inspired to open The Beauty Concept Store so that the full range of skin, grooming and beauty treatments could be housed under one roof.  This she has most definitely achieved, with treatments ranging from quick finishing touches such as lash tints and waxing to longer facials and massages and more medical-type treatments such as teeth whitening and peels. Make up and hair styling is also on the menu – yes she has thought of everything (would you like botox with those eyelash extensions?)

For those with time constraints – a lunch hour perhaps  – The Beauty Concept Store offers a combination of time effective treatments. Bettison is also quick to add that those wishing to take their time and relax with a glass of champagne are most welcome to do so.

The express pedicure I chose focuses on a quick file and polish change. The treatment took about 20 minutes from start to finish – yet the results were impressive. No nasty streaking or smudging, and after a spray of quick dry that miraculously allowed me to slip on sandals in seconds, I was ready to go. Three days on and the polish is still perfect.

Bettison has created bespoke packages including Girls’ Night Out (red carpet make up, hairstyling and an express manicure) a range of bridal packages, mom and daughter time and the ‘Princess Party Package’ for upwardly-mobile pre-teens (snacks, party bags and balloons included).  All bases are covered: she also offers male grooming treatments.

The downstairs is a social space, with the reception area and big windows facing onto the street (blinds can be lowered for privacy) whilst the very spacious therapy room upstairs is quiet with ambient lighting and a pop art portrait of Nelson Mandela (we said this wasn’t your average beauty salon.)

When I commented on the bold colour scheme, Bettison smiled and confessed that the red doors were inspired by the trendy London neighborhood, Notting Hill.

Sitting on the black, quilted sofa, gazing out the window – admiring the leafy oak tree and art gallery below, surrounded by pop art portraits and the reflections of passing hipsters, Notting Hill feels closer to home than she may have realised.

Sam Reynolds

Sam Reynolds is a freelance writer and photographer with a special focus on art, travel and wellbeing.

Chanel Bettison Beauty Concept Store, 71 Shortmarket St, Cape Town

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