Profile: Cape Town Magic Club


cape town magic clubThe Cape Town Magic Club is Africa’s premier theatre dedicated to the art of magic, illusion, sleight of hand and mentalism.

Founded by magician Marcel Oudejans, this magic theatre hosts Monday Night Magic, a regular series of weekly magic events held on Monday nights only. The shows are held in a new, intimate venue every season and feature a deco-styled ABC Bar and a retro Twankey Bar.

Audiences are entertained by top South African and international magicians (and the occasional mystery guest) who perform their own unique brands of illusion, sleight of hand, mentalism and magical sideshow acts in an exclusive venue. The Magic Club has a roster of over 20 performers, and each one is available for private event bookings via the official website.

Currently, Monday Night Magic is in its fifth season at the Taj Hotel, until the end of October. More information on this series of events can be found here.

Tel: 083 229 9550
Facebook: capetownmagic
Twitter: capetownmagic

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