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b21055c5b1c10bd684d0263a2f9e1c2fThe company was founded in 2010 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Recognised for its unique and innovated style, Darkroom Contemporary is devoted to producing and distributing performances and film work which are current, reverent and accessible. These productions create opportunities for trained performers ,and simultaneously provides platforms for artists across numerous genres through interdisciplinary collaboration. Darkroom Contemporary uses movement as a tool to communicate ideas, to create audience experiences, to open up dialogue and initiate collaboration across multiple creative disciplines. Darkroom Contemporary’s performances place a strong focus on using public spaces as performance areas, with the aim of making theatre more accessible to the public through site specific movement theatre.

Management: Louise Coetzer, Oscar O’Ryan, Klaus Warschkow, Noel Daniels, Naren Sewpaul, Auriol Hays and Mbovu Malinga

Genre: Contemporary and Physical Theatre


  • Blueprint(2014)
  • Swarm (2013)
  • A Wolf At the Door (2012)
  • Canvas (2011)
  • Ikarus (2010)

Places to see them in Cape Town: Abandoned buildings, construction sites, university quads, civic buildings and coffee shops


  • 2013 –  dance film “dead air” was selected as a top ten entry in the Letters from the Sky Festival and also selected as the Curator’s choice in the Global Art and Moving Images Awards in Finland.


  • The Rite of Spring (2013)
  • Dead Air (2012)
  • eenduisendnegehonderdtweeenvertig (2011)
  • I walk the street with loose Parts (2011)

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