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hilton schilderThe musicality and versatility of Cape Town born Jazz artist, Hilton Schilder, has undoubtedly helped to mould the sound of what is recognised today as Cape Jazz. Multi-instrumentalist, Schilder, who has collaborated with almost every legendary Cape Musician, is recognised, arguably, as one of the most recorded musicians in South Africa, having featured on more than 40 albums covering Genres of Jazz, Rock, Pop, World Music and Classical.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Hilton Schilder was born into a musical family in Lotus River, Cape Town. He is the son of esteemed South African jazz pianist Tony Schilder (1937-2010) and nephew of Chris Schilder of Cape Town’s groundbreaking jazz-fusion group of the 1970s, Pacific Express. He was given his first instrument, a drum, at the age of three.

Hilton’s musical trajectory has taken him through a variety of groups and collaborations in the capacity of both a composer and a performer. He partnered with Mac McKenzie in the mid-80s to form the Genuines, a rock outfit that channeled the folk music of the Cape through punk. The band’s first two releases on the Shifty label tethered them to the broader Voëlvry movement and cemented their legacy in the history of South Africa’s alternate music scene.

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