Profile: Lo-Ghost


Profile: Lo-GhostLo-Ghost is a Capetonian cult-pop duo consisting of Shannon Devy and Evan Strauss. Their music is characterised by a fearless, emotive presentation of the harder aspects of the human condition, from the queer experience to grief and loneliness.

Lo-Ghost started their journey mid-2016 with a debut video release for Ghost in a Blood Machine, the lead single off their first EP Mother. Choreographed by Chester Martinez (FKA Twigs, Honey 2′) and Devon Marshbank, the work was picked up and featured by media outlets across the continent. They have since gone on to release two full-length albums, a podcast series, multiple singles, a limited-edition vinyl release and multiple live performance videos.

Their latest album, Cult Pop, was released in November 2019 and has been described as allowing the band to settle into their own sound – “a restless, genre-agnostic, groove heavy sonic language from which the album draws its name.” 

Their ability to connect quickly with an audience has earned them an energetic and devoted cult following in their hometown and beyond, with their music accruing over 500 000 streams world-wide in 2018 alone.

Facebook: @Loghostmusic
Twitter: @loghostmusic
Instagram: @lo_ghost


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