RAW: Bronze, Metal, Paper, Ink

26 March 2021 to 4 April 2021

Mark Hilltout: a RetrospectiveRAW: Bronze, Metal, Paper, Ink is an exhibition of work showing at Mark Hilltout’s spacious studio/living space, in collaboration with Axis Art Gallery.

For this exhibition Hilltout works in conjunction with artists Nicolas Lehmann and Herman van Nazareth showcasing the meeting of four textures: bronze, metal, paper and ink.

Mark Hilltout specialises in corrugated iron, transforming decades-old discarded scrap metal into works of art.

Nicolas Lehmann makes use of various materials from recycled steel to glass, bronze and wood. In the last decade, Lehmann has opened his own foundry in Cape Town and is one of only a handful of artists to cast his own bronzes.

Herman van Nazareth is not concerned with what is considered aesthetically pleasing, but prefers to challenge perceptions of contemporary art. He has received several awards and his work is represented in important public collections in South Africa, Europe, Asia and America. In 2008 Van Nazareth was chosen as the artist for the Beijing Olympic Games.

On First Thursday (1 April) local singer Nica Reinke performs opera arias and more throughout the evening. Fine food and wine are available at the studio, and safe parking is assured.

Guests are advised that all COVID-19 protocols are in place for public safety. Appointments can be made via email provided.

Venue: 6 Ravenscraig Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town
Time: 11am to 2pm (First Thursday 6pm to 9pm)
Cost: Free

Tel: 021 447 9577
Email: markhilltout@gmail.com


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