Review: Reburn & Friends as Majestic as Promised


reburn at nitida by charl caterIt appears there is a deep-seated need for Capetonians round off their weekend with two things: a picnic blanket and live music.  The Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Concert Series might be done for the season but there are still a few great events taking advantage of the lovely weather. Last Sunday we spent a relaxing evening hosted by City Soiree with Reburn and a few of their friends at Nitida Wine Estate on the Durbanville wine route.

City Soiree is a modern take on supply and demand. Similar to the way group buying used to work, an event is created with the caveat that it will only go ahead once a certain number of pledges have been made. A Majestic Night with Reburn smoothly passed its minimum of 100 pledges and sold an extra 87 tickets.

What was most enjoyable about the evening was that the show did not follow the standard performance template of opening act #1 followed by opening act #2 leading up to the climatic main act’s set. Instead it kicked off with an acoustic set of Reburn’s earlier songs, including the quirky ‘She Loves Attention’,  followed by the Cape Town Caledonian Pipe band – the most bagpipes I’ve ever heard on a Sunday.

Their set was kept just short enough to keep the audience from wondering, “But how does this fit in?” Later the pipes were incorporated to create a whimsical full contemporary sound to one of Reburn’s newer songs.

The only downfall of this setup was how easy it was to miss something as there was no way of knowing what was going to happen next. To my horror I missed Auriol Hays’ insanely short set. It all went down while I was waiting for a boerie and hamburger in a queue that was only three people deep. My resolve not to move after that was rewarded when Hays took to the stage again to overshadow the boys with a song in a UB40 vibe, written by lead singer Scottie Moore about his Aunty Louisa.

The food available at the wine farm was really excellent, especially considering the meat was premade. And once we had armed ourselves with a bottle of Nitida sauvignon blanc at cellar prices we were only mildly unimpressed that no private food or drink was permitted.

The evening – as majestic as promised – was in aid of Reburn’s debut album. Just like another local band, Woodstock Mafia, Reburn is destined to come out on the other side of the studio with a sound that is distinctively their own.

Jana van Heerden

City Soiree’s next event features Joshua Grierson at a private venue in Salt River on 10 May 2014. Pledges (R 100) can be made at the City Soiree website.

City Soiree’s ‘A Majestic Evening with Reburn & Friends’ took place on 13 April 2014 at Nitida Wine Estate.





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