Retreat and Rejuvenate this Summer


As with all endings, we are called to reflect and rejuvenate before the new beginning. However, the turbulence of 2020 gives us even more reason to do so. Here is our list of 6 local companies inviting Capetonians to retreat and rejuvenate, some focusing on physical health, others on spiritual expansion.

Retreat and Rejuvenate this Summer


Conscious Weekends hosts events that support and catalyses your growth and expansion, mentally, physically and spiritually.

In these times of rapid global changes and shifting consciousness, we either move towards numbness or embrace the experience.

Upcoming Weekends:

Yoga Weekend Workshop: Step into your power with Zaria Davies This weekend addresses Manipura Chakra focusing on personal power, self-esteem and the power of transformation.  A weekend of yoga, reflection, spiritual discussion and sunrise swims.

Awakening Weekend: Move beyond the limitations of the ego and experience Awakening. Gain a practical understanding of non-dual philosophy and how it can be applied to modern life.

With the guidance and facilitation of Shaldon Fitzgerald and Eneo Hollenbach, see through the door to a whole new experience of reality free from anxiety where you can step into the wonder of everyday life. Further sessions throughout the weekend show how to use the practices of meditation, yoga, and breathwork as supports to your awakening journey. A full cacao ceremony is included on Saturday night!

For more information on their events and offerings, visit their Facebook page.

Where: Boulders Beach Lodge, Simonstown | When: Yoga: 31 Oct to 1 Nov | Awakening Retreat: 13 Nov to 15 Nov 2020

Contact: | 082 966 1645 | Facebook: Yoga_Weekend_Workshop | Awakening_Retreat Instagram: consciousweekends

Retreat and Rejuvenate this Summer


AJO retreats are not only a time to rest or escape from the hustle of your daily life, but they are also experiences created for you to take your personal power back and jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. It allows you to rejuvenate your spirit and reconnect with a supreme being, no matter your faith, all while retreating to the natural haven that is the Elgin forest. AJO retreats’ philosophy is health, spirituality and exploration.

This retreat is centred around well-being, giving you the space to rest your body, mind and soul. Not only will you experience deep relaxation during your retreat, but you will return home with something invigorating and empowering to add to your life thereafter. Expect this weekend to include outdoor yoga sessions, meditation hiking, wine tasting, a women’s health session with AJO founder and healthcare practitioner, Bisi, as well as heart-to-heart conversations with like-minded women and restful time in the forest.

For more information on the Elgin Retreat as well as future events, visit the AJO website.

Where: Cherry Glamping, Elgin | When: 6 Nov to 8 Nov 2020

Contact: | 076 378 9873 | Website: Elgin_Forest_Retreat | Facebook: ajogetaways | Instagram: ajo_getaway

Retreat and Rejuvenate


From 20 to 22 November 2020, Life Retreat Studio is bringing you a unique Herbal Retreat Experience. The weekend will consist of an educational medicine herbal walk, where you will learn to identify and harvest herbs to make herbal teas and infusions, a potjiekos herbal cooking course, herbal medicine making and the making of herbal cosmetics.

If your schedule only allows you to set aside a single day for self-care, Life Retreat offers day packages: a Winelands Relaxation Package and a Winelands Action Package. Their relaxation package includes yoga, a coffee tasting, 60-minute spa treatment, a gourmet lunch as well as a wine and chocolate pairing. The Action package substitutes the spa treatment for clay pigeon shooting and the wine and chocolate tasting for a craft beer tasting.

For a pause that encourages family time on Sundays, Life Retreat offers Outdoor Family Yoga sessions. Children under 12 and doggies are free. No Bookings Required. Arrive a little early to sign in for your first time.

For more information, questions and to book for the Herbal Experience Retreat, email Life Retreat.

Where: Herbal Experience Retreat: Outside Stanford | Life Retreat is on Lourensford Wine Estate, Somerset West | When: Herbal Experience Retreat 20 Nov to 22 Nov 2020

Contact: | 087 135 5542 | Website: liferetreatlelc
Instagram: liferetreat_


Step away from routine and obligations and into connection with Mother Earth during this 5 Element Retreat. You will experience Earth and her grounding energy through yoga and walks in the veld, herb picking, full body massage and earth mud therapy. The element of fire comes through in fire ceremonies, the tasting of herbs that represent fire, fire meditation and dancing while going within. You will experience the element of water while bathing in the fresh mountain water and you’ll connect to the air element through listening to the messages in the wind.

This beautiful, intimate retreat of only 12 participants invites you to connect to that which your heart yearns for, through tree art, the building of mandalas using the earth elements, cleansing, stargazing and storytelling.

For more information on this retreat as well as future events that assist you to reconnect, live authentically and overcome your fears, contact Susan via the Touched By Facebook page.

Where: Die Eikeplaas, outside Robertson | When: 20 Nov to 22 Nov | 22 Jan to 24 Jan 2021

Contact: | 082 785 8787 | Facebook: TouchedBy

Retreat and Rejuvenate


Bodhi Khaya’s Earth School Retreat, facilitated by Glenn Leisching, offers you the rare opportunity to re-orient and rediscover your inspiration.

This retreat is a trilogy comprised of three related, but distinct weeks: The first is Inspired Transmutation, where you’ll reignite your relationship with your inner fire. Second, comes Clear Channel, Open Flow where you’ll get to explore the lessons of our natural human sensitivity, our capacity to heal, cleanse, and come into balance. The third week is Natural, Grounded Presence and you’ll learn how to use the ground beneath your feet in a graceful two-step dance between your passions to explore new possibilities, and your sensitivity to not hurt yourself or others on the way.

The 3-week programme includes a great variety of offerings, including meditation, indigenous wisdom teachings, three nourishing and conscious vegetarian meals a day, massages, 21 trees for your to plant – a gift for each day, guided walking trails through rare fynbos, yoga, salt and freshwater swimming, healing ceremonies, fire-side talks and so much more.

You can choose to join for the full 3-week retreat or only or one or two of the week-long programmes. For more information, visit the Bodhi Khaya website.

Where: Grootbos Rd, Stanford | When: Week 1: 23 to 29 Nov | Week 2: 30 Nov to 6 Dec | Week 3: 7 Dec to 13 Dec

Contact: | 0723856978 | Website: bodhikhaya.comFacebook: Bodhikhaya | Instagram: Bodhikhaya

Retreat and Rejuvenate


To retreat is to take time away from the world, away from our duties and responsibilities. Annie, founder and director of Cape Town Retreats, offers you ways to nurture yourself, cleanse and detox as 2020 comes to a close.

Annie’s 6-day Deep Cleansing Juice Detox Retreat is designed for you to recharge your mental and physical health. Whilst on retreat you will slow down and come to rest through meditation, full-body holistic massages and therapies, daily walks, yoga and pilates. Your deep cleanse will stimulate weight loss and mental clarity through nutrient-dense freshly squeezed juice, a colon cleanse, vitamin-rich veggie broths and freshly-pressed almond milk.

Cape Town Retreats also offers a 4-day Boost Your Immune System Online Juice Detox Retreat. Annie provides the shopping list, recipes and step-by-step instructions, and support is ensured via check-ins and discussions as well as via a private Facebook group. The daily meditations, breathing practices and yoga classes can be accessed live via Zoom or recordings. For more information, visit the Cape Town Retreats website.

Where: Deep Cleansing Retreat: Guinevere Guest Farm, Tulbagh | Boost Your Immune System Retreat: Your home | When: Deep Cleansing Retreat 14 Nov to 20 Nov and 5 Dec to 11 Dec | Boost Your Immune System Retreat 28 Nov to 2 Dec

Contact: | 084 297 5736 | Website: capetownretreatsInstagram: capetownretreats

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