Review: Alchemy of Rock


Alchemy of RockThe stage goes dark. Floodlights hit the performers. Bounces off the eyelids caked with glitter and punctuated with dark eyeliner. Ripped jeans on dancers’ legs tapping to the beat. It’s Kalk Bay Theatre, and it’s time to Rock n Roll!

The followspot soulful six are back at it, and this time they are riffing on the heart strings of everyone who loves a classic. Written and directed by the Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love of Cape Town, Ash & Vanessa, they take you through an alchemical medley of the songs that stood the test of time. The songs you had on tape once upon a time, the songs that accompanied you on that road trip with the windows down, the songs that have always been there. Alongside Ash and Vanessa, the time-traveling troubadours taking us down many a winding memory lane are songbird Lucy Tops, dark and swoon-worthy Liam McDermott, hot honey Hannah Hishin and everybody’s favourite ginger, Bradley Searle (Big Boys). Together they charm the leather pants off a song-singing, beat-keeping audience as they invoke years of nostalgia in one hour.

If you’ve ever tried to learn the guitar, or looked for that one song you know at karaoke night, you will absolutely love Alchemy of Rock. The song selection is the pinnacle of classic, with seamless transitions between hits from names like the Rolling Stones, The Cranberries, U2, Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Dire Straits and more. If it is on the Top 50 “Songs That Will Never Die” playlist, you can most likely expect to hear it. But… why not go find out for yourself?

So, flick that lighter and wave it through the air. They will, they will rock you… Sing it!

Marilu Snyders

Alchemy of Rock takes place at The Kalk Bay Theatre until 1 June 2018. 


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