Review: All’s Well That Ends Well – the Panel Show


All's Well that Ends WellThe quirky and intimate Alexander Bar theatre was full to capacity for the All’s Well that Ends Well comedy quiz. Structured in a similar fashion to shows such as QI and Mock the Week, host Michael-John Phillip poses questions about some of our planet’s more bizzare historical moments and events which the panel of comedians attempt to answer or dissect. The humorous suggestions and banter, along with the often even more absurdly comical truths, allows for a diverting hour of laughter and disbelief.

The panel is made up of two teams: Two Nobels and a bell end (Brett ‘Fish’ Anderson, Nick Key, and Richard Bolland) and the Calendar Girls (JP Le Riche, Graeme Comrie, and Ondine Mond) who compete for points during various rounds in which they have to guess which historical figure said what, act out scenes from history, or guess which events actually happened.  Though who wins or loses a round seems secondary to who gets the biggest laugh. As the rounds pass and the wine glasses get emptier, the group chemistry and witty quips flow ever more easily and the interaction with the audience evolves. This is also due the audience getting to know the different comedic personalities; the dry self-deprecating humour of Graeme or the animated sharp one-liners from JP.

All’s Well that Ends Well is a highly entertaining and surprisingly informative show that will only get better as the panels get more seasoned. With the option to grab a drink at the bar beforehand, it is a very laidback atmosphere with optional audience engagement. A fun outing for groups of friends, couples and history enthusiasts.

Shirley-Anne Bezuidenhout

All’s Well that Ends Well took place at Alexander Bar on 15 October 2016. 


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