Review: Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist is More Silly than Humorous


I was dead centre, just a couple of rows from the front… easy pickings for the self-proclaimed “hilarious” hypnotist.  I’d had my misgivings, simply from the name, but the guy who shambled on to stage wasn’t quite the slightly podgy overly-cheerful character I’d pictured.  Instead he was tall and skinny with hunched shoulders, a sort of ginger version of Lurch from The Addams Family.  Despite the tangerine jacket, my assumptions so far had been wrong and I perked up a little.  But then he started throwing out the cheesy one liners and I slouched low in my chair again.

It was clear to see that Andre the HH (don’t make me say the whole name) has a following fan base.  Many members of the audience had seen his antics before, and the volunteers were wafted onto the stage easily enough.  Once seated and ready for the inevitable embarrassment, they were lulled by soothing ambient music. Then the lights were dimmed and Andre started droning instructions in an evenly paced monotone. A few folks appeared to be immune and were politely asked to leave the stage, but the remaining few slipped into a deep slumber, some even sliding uncomfortably onto the wooden floor.

Andre then took his victims through the standard series of consciousness and sleep, with them standing red eyed and dazed after each ridiculous act of silliness. From washing machines to rock stars and from Baywatch-style audience-saving life guards to Lady Gaga there were some great antics but I still felt that a bit of imagination and charisma from Andre could have improved the performance over all.

A round of applause to the 50-something Parklands resident who gave us a well-attempted groin-grabbing display in imitation of Michael Jackson. The same could be said to the Butlers pizza delivery guy and his embarrassed girl friend who played puppet to all of Andre’s instructions.  But generally I’ve seen funnier acts from intoxicated adolescents on a boozy night out.

I appreciate entertainers who take the audience’s morals and values into perspective but I think Andre could have been a little more risqué, a little more innovative and witty.  A hypnotist?  Certainly.  The man knows what he’s doing.  But hilarious? Don’t make me laugh.

Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist is performing at the Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay, 12 – 30 April 2011.


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  1. from the moment i walked in, to the moment i walked out, Andre had me laughing non stop! he did the strangest of things. his victims were falling all over the place, and one was made to act like a dinosaur and roar whenever the word “dinosaur” was said. then they were jockeys, washing machines, lap dancers, and even a lady gaga impersonator. Andre even convinced the men that they were giving birth! he told another that his name was ee eye ee eye oh.

    i give this show not five stars, but six. this show was amazing and i couldnt stop laughing hours after the show.

    thank you Andre

  2. I have also seen the show a few times and this has got to be the funniest show ever. If you do not leave with a sore tummy and aching jaw bones then you serioulsly have sense of humour issues.
    Do NOT listent to this review !!

  3. I have seen the show at least 7 times and loved every minute. What a depressed version of a very good show you create – why even attend the show in the first place if you make it clear that you did want to be their.

    Please allow me to review the next Opera, something I love as much as you do hypnotist’s


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