Review: Another Day


Another DayTo go see Another Day at Kalk Bay Theatre is to have front-row seats to a very intimate episode of So You Think You Can Dance. That, with a generous slather of sauciness that hits you right under the belt. Because, let’s be honest – one of the main draw cards of this show is the incredible and superhuman beauty of the cast. And if the sculpted bodies bathed in blue light is not enough, their extra-flexi gymnastic prowess will have you dropping your jaw to the floor in awe.

As the audience settles in, creator and main performer Ash “shirtless” Searle walks around the tiny stage, a concerned look reflecting the confusing messages he is reading in his lover’s journal. The audience soon realises the romantic disconnect him and his stage wife (spoiler alert: one of them!) is experiencing. Lucy Tops, the living nightingale, transports us into her aching heart with song after sad song. Her voice is unreal, clear as glass and pitch perfect, and her sadness washes over the packed audience in a song we wish would never end.

Form here their story unravels, and even more complex scenarios are born. Luckily, it all gets beautifully resolved in an almost cheesy good-ending.

But, let’s be honest – we’re not here for the story. No, we’re here for the flipping amazing choreography, executed to the perfectly placed songs with military precision. We’re here for the back flips and airlifts and kick-splits. We’re here for the showgirl style sexy dances, the cheeky pantylines peeking out, the romantic ballroom dances that hold us spellbound. We are here to be entertained and oh, do they ever entertain us.

This is dance theatre at its most mesmerising. It is feel-good, funky fun delivered by a dance crew that cares to an audience that laps it up. Go, be in awe of what the human body can do – but do not try it at home.

Marilu Snyders

Another Day is on at Kalk Bay Theatre until 16 March 2018. 


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