Review: Another Day


Another DayWe’ve all seen it or been part of it: a relationship that has been stretched thin by the test of time. A once-besotted couple that now look past each other over the table as strangers living in the same house. It’s not a comfortable topic, but it’s a truth of our fragile human relationships and an interesting one to explore. It’s a space where words become meaningless and reasoning fails us. For something so emotive, what better way to navigate through the experience than in movement rather than accusative dialogue.  Another Day achieves this in a way that is beautiful, tactful and memorable.

Another Day is a moving deep-dive into dance, produced by Follow Spot Productions – the brainchild of Kalk Bay Theatre owner and dancer extraordinaire Ash Searle. Not only does Another Day start with a good dose of eye candy, but it unfolds in a real and honest exploration into relationships, life and love and how we move through these. Movement is the central vehicle for telling this story – there is no dialogue throughout the one-hour long performance. This brings the focus onto the choreography (which is clever, perfectly timed, and has a surprise around every corner) and it makes so much heavier the weight of things left unsaid between an estranged couple and a new lover.

Fans of Kalk Bay Theatre will know the multidimensional Ash Searle in the lead role very well – if he’s not on stage or behind the scenes he’ll be behind the upstairs bar serving guests their coffee. Next to him, Lucy Tops brings on goosebumps with her pitch-perfect voice. As his estranged wife, Tops’ solos of familiar pop songs from the likes of The Cranberries and Christina Aguilera take on a much more profound meaning in the context of the play. The cast brings five more uber-talented and drop-dead gorgeous dancers/actors to the stage: Brad Searle (Big Boys), Pasha Dos Santos, Ruby Burton, Darren Greeff and Nadine Theron.

The night feels like an in-depth episode of So You Think You Can Dance, and indeed Theron and Greeff were finalists on the popular show.  Another Day sees a wide variety of dance styles in stylized outfits, with choreographed awesomeness of mindbending backbends and dancers being flipped, thrown, elevated, trawled and spinned. There is never a dull moment; in contrast, there are plenty of moving moments, awe-inspiring moments and moments of pure beauty. Oh, and let’s not forget the sexy, sweaty, sassy fun element!

One thing you can always be assured of when going to Kalk Bay Theatre is that the productions will be of a unique and high quality. The size and setup of the theatre lends itself to a familiar feel, and yet the shows brought to this southern peninsula side of town have a hand-picked and well-produced feel to them. When the powerhouse couple and owners of Kalk Bay Theatre bring their own creations to stage, there can be no doubt that their hearts and souls have been poured into making the show a success. And judging by the standing ovations to a theatre filled to capacity in the first week, their love for their art and business shines through.

Marilu Snyders

Another Day runs at the Kalk Bay Theatre, Cape Town from 17 February to 7 March 2015, with an extra week just announced 17 to 22 March 2015.

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