Review: Another Friggin’ Tribute Show


These days tribute shows are all the rage. There’s a plethora of artists wanting to commemorate their faves in the biz by using their own musical abilities to channel their idols. But what about those music lovers who want to pay tribute but can’t carry a tune or strum a guitar?

Pierre Malherbe’s non-musical music tribute – Another Friggin’ Tribute Show is a show especially for those non-musical music lovers. In stand-up comedy style, Malherbe takes us on a journey through his musical past discussing the artists who inspired and shaped him all the way from his childhood, when he was singing along to Engelbert Humperdinck at the age of 4, to his angst-ridden college years when he scared girls away with his Morrissey-inspired quiff ‘do.

Last night’s show at the intimate Kalk Bay Theatre felt like friends sharing amusing musical anecdotes over a glass of wine or two. The KBT, with its cushioned beech wood seats, always makes one feel cosy and comfortable. Malherbe, star of the one-man show, was quite at home chatting with the audience about their musical memories and teasing those who admitted to being Nickelback fans – speaking to us as if we were not just his audience, but his friends (this included chewing out his actual friend, sitting in the first row, for never returning his Johnny Cash album lent years back).

Malherbe gave an energetic and amusing performance that often had the audience in stitches. Though sometimes tending to ramble, his frank, anecdotal treats were endearing and enjoyable to all. From his initial sketch “The Plight of the Wedding DJ” to his impersonations of Leonard Cohen on speed, Malherbe successfully urged us to fondly recall our own musical pasts – no matter the era.

If you’re an avid lover of music of all genres, Another Friggin’ Tribute Show is definitely for you. Being over the age of 30 also helps… For those younger than that, the references to TDK-90s and South African radio shows from the 1980s might go over your head as they did mine. Despite the occasional age barrier, we were all more than ecstatic to revel in our musical pasts alongside Malherbe.

Claire Pokorchak

Another Friggin’ Tribute Show runs at Kalk Bay Theatre 24 October to 3 November, Wednesday-Sundays at 8.30pm. Tickets are R85 for the show and R185 for the show and dinner.  To book go to


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