Review: Artmode July 2015


Artmode Musoke-luleIn the darkness of load-shedding, the third edition of Artmode once again proved a unique group exhibition which allows the visitor to explore various modes of art while meeting its creators, and watch as they bring their work into being.  It’s an art-lover’s dream: a chance to share in the creative process which sharpens the appreciation even for those who might not call themselves art-lovers beforehand.

The entrance, rooms and floors of The Palms Centre in Woodstock were scattered with glowing candles, which added to the creation of a warm, cosy environment and gave it that extra ‘artsy’ feel… but didn’t do much for making things visible – although this didn’t seem to bother anybody besides some band members who were unable to perform.  The dark certainly didn’t stop graffiti artists Nathaniel, Jason and Keenan from creating some freestyle graffiti that had the crowd entranced.

The highlights of the night included talented painter Andy Neuro who, inspired by “life and living”, has created pieces such as Violet Vision, Reincarnation by a Waterfall and Fly on the Wall II which share a psychedelic, romantic feel.  Mosaic artist (with a twist) Marcelino Manhula uses only natural stone to create art with an extraordinary attention to detail.  Lizette Chirrime’s African-inspired textiles and Sylvia de Villiers’ wildlife oils also stood out, as did the wonderfully gothic photographer, Margherita Introna. Lastly I was thrilled to find myself talking by chance to fine artist James Musoke-Lule, whose signature I had been trying to distinguish on the striking large-scale portraits scattered about the exhibition space.

Artmode Marcelino ManhulaHumour and introspection were also evident.  A piece entitled God: You are Beautiful #ISeeYou, was priceless… literally, according to the price tag.  A simple mirror allowing passers-by to look at themselves, it encouraged them to reflect (ha ha) that we humans are beautiful  pieces of art in our own right.

Eventually the lights returned, bathing the works with a whole new life, and music filled our ears to add to the sensuality of the experience.

Artmode has proven an enduring event that should be in the diaries of all art admirers and enthusiasts.  It is a rarely offered treat to the creative soul.

Lee-Anne Rodrigues

Artmode took place at the The Palms Centre, Woodstock, Cape Town on 25 July 2015.


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