Review: Beer Festival 2010 is Serving Liquid Gold


ct-festival-of-beer-300x300“Beer is the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” Benjamin Franklin

Clearly Ben knew what he was talking about.  He’d have certainly enjoyed this weekend at the Hamiltons Rugby Club, currently set up as the oasis for any beer enthusiast –  The Cape Town Festival of Beer.

The event features numerous breweries, both local and foreign, including Paulaner, Miller, Stella, Grolsch, Erdinger, Peroni, Bavaria as well as smaller breweries such as Mitchells, Camelthorn and Napier to name a few, all offering a taste of liquid gold in a tented environment set against the backdrop of Table Mountain and Cape Town Stadium.

Of course there are some food stalls with a variety of eats on offer (always good to line the stomach) as well as live entertainment, ranging from local rock bands to a German oompah band – an essential detail, of course, for a beer festival. Entertainment is not lacking, nor is the variety of brands of beers to buy and taste.  I did a fair deal of research on this during the opening last night and subsequently feel rather fragile today… possibly in need of a new liver.

A hearty congratulations to all the organisers and brewers for a top-notch event, hopefully the first of many. And thanks to Rikki’s Taxi Service, I certainly needed it.

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  1. Personally, I like Paulaner natural wheat because bubbles like cream, soft fragrant, like eating with light meals, most top.


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