Review: Black Orchid Burly Q Peepshow


Burlesque is an art form where it is considered a wardrobe malfunction when the performer doesn’t have their bras ripped off to reveal a pasty. It is also the most fun you can have on a Saturday night in Durbanville. I am talking about watching it from the crowd of course…

After a bad experience at a gentleman’s club packaging their regular Eastern European strip show as a “Cabaret Xtravaganza!” I was rather put off the whole concept. An invitation on Facebook made me just curious enough to give it one more chance in the form of Black Orchid’s Burly Q Peepshow. This was one time where my Pollyanna optimism was rewarded.

Dressed Marilyn Monroe-style the founding member of Black Orchid, Diva Disastar, was a most gracious hostess for the evening. Along with Miss Behave she even cleaned up the venue at one stage in a 50s housewife skit.

The resident singer, Wytchvox (soon to be seen as Christine in Phantom of the Opera) has a voice that will keep a crowd mesmerised long enough for the burlesque gals change costumes. She kept her panties to herself as she belted out tunes from yester year such as the sensual Why Don’t You Do Right?

The crowd that filled the tables at The Stage Theatre was a show in itself. Did you know that there are still Emo children among us? A very fine specimen of this sub-culture blocked the Plus One’s view with a top hat. Initially I thought he might be part of the act and take the stage later in the show, but no, just a regular Emo kid.

I am very grateful to the Black Orchid Burlesque troupe for restoring my interest in burlesque. It’s harmless entertainment, not necessarily the kind you’ll take your visiting conservative family members to see… but surely that is what makes it all the more enjoyable.

Black Orchid’s Burly Q Peepshow is at The Stage Theatre 27 May 8pm – 10pm.


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  1. Glanskindoptoer

    Dear Mr Top Hat Guy. You may know your genres pretty well but I think you need to buy an extra ticket for your hat and keep it on a seat next to you not to obscure the view from the other normal looking people.
    Yours Kindly, Die Glanskind

  2. Excuse me, but I take offense to the statement you made of me being emo in the burly q peepshow review, please know your genres before you babble in public. My genre is metal and goth, emo’s do not own coats, top hats, nor boots, their hair isn’t one length and they listen to commercial music. good day


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