Review: Bon Soir at Kalk Bay Theatre


Bon SoirWhat are the secret ingredients for a show that sells out every single night? What magic must you weave to have audiences begging for an extended run? Well, best you walk over to Bon Soir at Kalk Bay Theatre and ask the crew there – if you can still find a ticket to enter the red tent of mystical enchantment.

Over the years, Follow Spot Productions has proven to be a creative force that knows how to entertain with lashes of quirkiness, dollops of talent and a good measure of sly intelligence. They keep this fire burning with Bon Soir, and oh, does it get hot.

If you frequent the theatre, you’ll recognise the familiar faces of Alex and Lucy Topps (Bar None), Ash and Brad Searle (Big Boys), the sensuously lithe Nadine Theron and Ruby Burton (Another Day) with guest star James Harris oozing sex appeal and seducing ears with his sultry singing voice. With a power team like this, mediocrity is an impossibility and boredom is a foreign concept.

Bon Soir is a cirque-comedy dance extravaganza that rekindles that spark of excitement felt as a child before as you approached the circus. Take that spark, add some life experience, some burlesque, some steampunk, a smoke machine or two, UV illusions mixed with acrobatics, sweet songbirds and you’ve got a carnival for adults who are ready to be entertained. Surrender to the entrancing movements and hypnotic melodies of the performers and let them take you into a completely different reality for one evening. This is their final hurrah before taking the show to Perth to share some of our home-grown talent with the Aussies. Get your tickets while they’re hot.

Marilu Snyders

Bon Soir is currently running at the Kalk Bay Theatre, where the show has been extended until 6 February due to popular demand.


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