Review: Boo!


BOO!The journey to Summerhill Wine Farm for the Boo! Album launch was, quite frankly, a pain.  One of my pet peeves is getting lost and, thanks to the lack of clear signage, we missed the entrance by miles! Luckily it’s a beautiful area to get lost in and, after retracing our steps, we finally found a thin board with the farm’s name, and sign for the Dorpstraat Theatre which was impossible to read with our Cape wind howling.  Please take note Dorpstraat managers!

Things quickly got better on arrival. We were greeted by warm and friendly staff and seated in a cosy corner with a panoramic view of the stage. I tucked into a glass of Summerhill’s Chenin Blanc… cold and slightly bubbly – perfection in a bottle. We had to sample from the menu after it had been highly recommended by woict_girl. And she wasn’t wrong – my juicy camembert burger and my partner’s tender pork chops were quite pricey, but the portions were big and the food was mouth-wateringly good.

The show started a bit late but to rapturous cheers from the audience. And it was exhilarating! Ampie Omo was fabulous on sax, djembe drums and synthesizers as usual and Noot-vir-Noot’s Riaan van Rensburg dazzled on the drums as the new edition to the band. But Chris Chameleon makes the show as the most fantastic transvestite – complete with gyrating hips and hot pink and black lycra glittered jumpsuit.

He is one talented uhm…man. He performed one incredible song in which he impersonated Aretha Franklin, Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley in successive verses. His mimicry was uncanny and his ability to move between octaves so smoothly is something you need to see for yourself to believe. And his anecdotes and banter in between songs kept the crowd hanging on every word.

This punk-rock tranny band has sure made an epic comeback with their electrifying, eclectic new punk rock album, The Three of Us.  I could not get enough of them, and just had to buy a copy there and then. This show was absolutely mind blowing, exhilarating and classically TRANtastic!! Encore! Encore! Encore!

Odile Hufkie


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