Review: Borders & Beyond (Cape Town Fringe)


luna_paige1Each show at the Cape Town Fringe Festival seems to offer something new to know and love. Going to the Dragon Room to see Borders & Beyond was no different. A relaxing trip of nostalgia even though I have never seen Luna Paige play live before.

Paige is a South African singer/songwriter who has slowly built up a strong following with her sultry voice and moving melodies. Together with her supporting band, the chance to see her up close was more than worthwhile. Yes, going to listen to a fantastic singer in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon seemed strange but it didn’t matter. The atmosphere was liberating. No background noise, nobody bumping into you to get to the bar. Just the band, Luna Paige and really comfortable chairs near the stage. Heaven.

Paige provided intriguing anecdotes on each song, such as how ‘La Luna’ was a musical expression of a poem that she loved as a small child, now filled with longing and mystery. With Schalk Joubert giving support on the bass, Luna displayed all manner of styles, showing off her numerous influences: sometimes a crooning country singer, another a mournful ballardist. Just sitting back and closing your eyes, you were transported to another place, one bursting with emotion.

A particular favourite of mine was ‘Flower and Song’, inspired by a poem in the novel Puerto Vallarta Squeeze by Robert James Waller. Kevin Gibson gave an imaginative performance on the drums while Paige sparkled on her acoustic guitar.

With all the energy and magic in the room it was no surprise that the show ended before we knew it. We left in a lovely mood, calm and content enough to tackle the traffic home. Listening to Luna Paige perform with her long time friends is the cure to any bad mood. Do try and catch her when she is next in town.

Samantha Orange

Luna Paige performed Borders & Beyond at the Dragon Room as part of the Cape Town Fringe Festival on 30 September and 1 October 2014.


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