Review: Breyani – David Kramer at His Best


breyaniInitially I felt almost guilty at Breyani. I felt a bit like a peeping tom looking in on a jam session. Then David Kramer walked on stage with his big smile and his trademark hat and I immediately felt welcome.

David Kramer is a legend in the South African music that I was raised on. I expected a lot and he gave so much more. There is something very cool about him, not an easy feat for someone wearing bright red shiny shoes. Despite all his accomplishments and his high stature in the industry he took a back seat at most of the songs.  This show was very much his creation, but one in which he wanted his band to take the spot light.  It was basically a show off session, and they all had a lot to show off.

I loved the way that different instruments were used in unusual ways – for instance an American blue grass banjo with Cape music, and a duet between an acoustic bass guitar and an electric one.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an acoustic bass guitar!  My favourite though was the play off between an accordion and a saxophone – what a bizarre combination, but it worked brilliantly.

The girl next to me all but jumped on her seat and started dancing, and she epitomised the general feel of the rest of the audience. By the end the entire room was on its feet – not so much a standing ovation, but rather the audience had become a part of the show.  All hail David Kramer.

By Jana van Heerden


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