Review: Cal Thompson & Friends at Raptor Room


Review: Cal Thompson & Friends at Raptor RoomBefore attending any event, I find it a fun activity to peruse the scope of Google and find out more about an artist – a socially acceptable social media stalking session if you will. A quick search of Cal Thompson unfortunately provided little information, indicating an evening of unknown music. I was pleasantly surprised as the night provided boisterous tunes and varying melodies; Cal and others filled the Raptor Room with a warm and fun atmosphere.

The Raptor Room is an impressive venue. Bright lights and a hanging garden with pot plants literally on the ceiling makes it an upbeat and interesting scene. A colourful poster of Velociraptors is placed between fairy lights and to the side shines the scandalous neon outline of a naked figure. It proved a perfect space for the show to come, full of energy and bursting with variety.

Although at times shrouded by the intensity of the accompanying musicians and their instruments, Thompson’s music maintained a strong presence. From the Cello to the Violin and then the Saxophone accompanied by background singers, Thompson’s ability to draw from and add to the music of others stood out.

Her multi-instrumentalism in tandem with the skills of those accompanying made for a night of layered tones and an ever-changing atmosphere.

It would go from Nocturn, her Chopin-inspired keyboard classic to whipping out the banjo to do a short skit on tequila. While I’d think such a change would be abrupt and perhaps a bit awkward, it was pulled off flawlessly, as if the Chopin was written prior to a night of redneck raucousness.

The night finished with the impressive Carla Stokes to the left and three singers to the right. Smooth Saxophone solos were accompanied by fresh vocals as the audience was encouraged to dance and sing along. Impressed by the show and now excited to scout their future performances, I got up and gladly joined in on a chorus of “hey, na na na”.

Cal Thompson and those accompanying her are but a few of the music acts that Raptor Room has to offer. Anyone interested in a night of fun vibes, good drinks and interesting meals should stay on the lookout for what this hot spot has in the books.

Yusuf Latief


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