Review: Caliente – Circo de Danza


Caliente – Circo de DanzaAs the year draws to a close, there are some things that we can depend on in Cape Town. We know the South Easter will rise in full force, we know that everyone will be suddenly shocked with how quickly the year has passed, and we know that FollowSpot will have cooked up something sexy and delectable for the festive season. And while the Cape Doctor might cool us down, FollowSpot sure knows how to heat things up.

For those of you with rusty Spanish, the latest installment of pure entertainment at Kalk Bay Theatre is called Caliente – aptly translating as “hot”. And yes, the show is sizzling.

The FollowSpot crew are made up of 6 steaming members, with founders Ash and Vanessa Searle providing a strong lead. Vanessa brings the tequila and a sexy Spanishesque accent as the Mistress of Ceremonies, while Ash, together with Brad Searle and Liam McDermott, make up the terrible trio of comedians – the mischievous mariachi band and welcomed eye candy are not just incredible actors, but fantastic acrobats as well. And with a balance of femme fatale coming from Emily Isted and Nicole van den Berg – both of them equal parts flexible and seductive – audiences might just mistake this production for Cape Town’s Cirque de Soleil.

The proof is in the performance though. The only way to experience this human flight of fancy, this fantastic feat, is to grab your glass of vino and be there. Prepare to be awed, delighted and fully entertained… and get hot under the collar for one wonderful hour of your life.

Marilu Snyders

Caliente – Circo de Danza is on at Kalk Bay Theatre until 31 December 2017.


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